'Fortnite' Haunted Forest, Ghost Town & Spooky Farm Location Fortnitemares Guide

With this year's Fornitemare event in Fortnite comes a new list of challenges for players to complete.

One of this year's tasks asks players to find chests in three locations: Haunted Forest, Spooky Farm and Ghost Town. These locations aren't named on the map, but they are Epic Games' cute way of renaming certain landmarks or areas players know about.

Two of these locations are rather easy to figure out, while the third is a bit tricky to find. Here's the location of the Haunted Forest, Spooky Farm and Ghost Town in Fortnite.

fornite fornitemare art
Epic Games


The Haunted Forest can be found in the middle of the map in Weeping Woods.

There are plenty of chests located in this so-called Haunted Forest, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one to complete your challenges.


Spooky Farm is actually located in, you guessed it, Frenzy Farm.

Like the Haunted Forest, there are plenty of chests to be found in this area. But if you're looking for an easy place to find them, the big barn is your best bet. There's usually at least two chests located there, so pick up your axe and start searching for them.

Don't forget to search in the walls of the barn if the chests aren't in plain sight.


Ghost Town is probably the trickiest location of the bunch as it's not in a named location but a landmark. Ghost Town during Fortnitemare can be found in a tiny village northwest of Steamy Stacks. The area is called Pristine Point.


If you're looking to complete all the challenges for this year's Fornitemares, here's the complete list.

  • Destroy haunted household furniture (five)
  • Leap from a Hideout while an opposing player is within 20m (one)
  • Search a chest in a haunted forest, a ghost town, and a spooky farm (one)
  • Deal damage to Storm King weak points (10,000)
  • Revive teammates while battling the Storm King (three)
  • Defeat the Storm King (one)

There are also new challenges called Creative Curse that has 14 other tasks for players to complete. Here's the complete list of the Creative Curse challenges:

  • Play different featured Fortnitemares islands or limited time modes (five)
  • Eliminate fiends in Retribution (200)
  • Siphon health or shields from player eliminations in Mansion of Power (250)
  • Eliminate players in Gun Fright (seven)
  • Collect pumpkin coins in any featured island (15)
  • Collect resources in Retribution (500)
  • Eliminate players in Mansion of Power (10)
  • Deal damage with Assault Rifles in Gun Fright (500)
  • Do damage to fiends in any featured island (100,000)
  • Purchase items from Vending Machines in Retribution (three)
  • Bounce on Ghost Vents in Mansion of Power (25)
  • Deal damage with Sniper Rifles or Pistols in Gun Fright (300)
  • Eliminate different types of fiends in any featured island (four)
  • Collect the final boss room pumpkin in the featured island Infernum (one)
  • Complete all Retribution quests (three)
  • Complete all Mansion of Power quests (3)
  • Complete all Gun Fright quests (3)

Fortnite is available now for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile.

Did you find the locations with no problem? Where did you find the chests? Let us know in the comments section.