Epic Games Honors Great Escape With 'Fortnite' Easter Egg

Epic Games has become amazing at honoring its fans inside the world of Fortnite . There have been homages to fan-created skins, in-game objects brought into the real world and now a memorial to the game's greatest escape. Last week, a clip from Twitch streamer Muselk showed a rescue mission gone awry. Muselk had noticed a player had fallen off a cliff with no way to get back up. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, the streamer hatched an elaborate plan to get the player back in the game. The strandee was supposed to bounce on top of the roof to safety, but instead got punted into the ocean.

The clip quickly hit the front page of reddit and currently has 49,000 upvotes and two reddit gold. It highlights the ridiculous but exciting aspects of Fortnite : anything can go wrong in spectacular fashion. A follow-up post by the victim, Chapadoodle, in which he explains his side of the story, has nearly 18,000 upvotes. In it, he explains the staircase beneath him was destroyed, causing him to tumble down the cliff. The area where he landed was technically off the map, so he couldn't build his way to freedom.

"I'm hugely appreciative of the response to my death, even if I didn't contribute to its popularity," Chapadoodle wrote.

In honor of this heroic rescue mission, Epic Games added a neat Easter egg. In the bottom-right corner of Paradise Palms, there's the infamous cliff where the action took place. Redditor StoreBrandEnigma found there's now a tombstone and a pile of tires at the scene of the crime.If a player ever ends up stuck down the bottom of that cliff, they'll be able to bounce back up. It's a cute little teaser for fans that actually serves a practical purpose.

One of the reasons Fortnite has remained so popular since its rise to fame earlier this year is Epic Games' commitment to a dialogue with its fans. Whenever a change is made or a buff introduced, the community is always vocal about it. Epic employees will often pop into the reddit comment section to share their side of the story.

The recent controversy about the winner of last week's tournament " Fortnite Summer Skirmish" had fans up in arms on reddit. Numerous users alleged that the winner, Idropz_bodies, was cheating by playing with people dying intentionally and using a mouse and keyboard on a PS4. Epic was quick to respond, confirming there was no foul play. While some fans remained indignant, many appreciated Epic's transparency over the debacle.

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