'Fortnite' Leaked Skins: Data Mine Reveals Criterion, Vertex and a Pair of Detectives

It took a day longer than usual, but Fortnite has released patch v4.5. Data miners, who scour the game's code looking for new features rolling out over the coming weeks and months, have struck (skin) gold. Two Epic Buddies, the premier German Fortnite code crackers, are at it again this week with the reveal of nine new skins, more than a dozen accessories and a brand new "Drum Gun."

Fortnite Datamined Skins: Nine New Skins Leaked

New skins <3 pic.twitter.com/3LCPDOFz4e

— DieBuddies (@TwoEpicBuddies) June 27, 2018

Here are the names and rarities of all the skins, courtesy of fnbr.co and Fortnite Intel.

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Leaked Fortnite skin, Criterion, is looking like he's ready to bust some crimes (or start them). FortniteIntel

Criterion (Legendary) - My favorite hero so far. I'll be buying this skin when it goes live on the Item Shop.

vertex fortnite, new, leaked, skins, data, mine, criterion, oblivion, sleuth, drum, gun, gumshoe, noir, fireworks, team, leader
Vertex is coming for you Fortnite Intel

Vertex (Legendary) - I'm hoping that this guy is the big, bad villain that's going to launch the rocket that will change the face of Fortnite for Season 5.

Will Oblivion's colors change like Omega? Fortnite Intel

Oblivion (Legendary) - This is a female Omega skin that I'm hoping also lights up.

sleuth fortnite, new, leaked, skins, data, mine
Sleuth is finding clues Fortnite Intel
Gumshoe is solving crimes Fortnite Intel

Sleuth and Gumshoe (Epic) - We finally have some detectives to solve all the murders happening all over the Fortnite map.

Noir is the boss giving all the orders Fortnite Intel

Noir (Epic)- Every good crime-solving team needs a surly boss to give them cases.

fireworks team leader
Fireworks Team Leader is in a highly flammable outfit, seems kind of dumb Fortnite Intel

Fireworks Team Leader (Epic)- Celebrate the Fourth of July with a bear covered in 'Merica.

Star Spangled Trooper  fortnite, new, leaked, skins, data, mine
Star Stangled Trooper, reporting for duty! Fortnite Intel
star spangled ranger team leader fortnite, new, leaked, skins, data, mine
Star Stangled Ranger is here to save the day! Fortnite Intel

Star Spangled Trooper (Uncommon) and Star Spangled Ranger (Uncommon)- Only have a few hundred V-bucks and want to celebrate your patriotic pride? These skins are for you.

Leaked Drum Gun

Next week we will get the "Drum Gun"! Rarity: green, blue. Type: Assault Rifle. pic.twitter.com/DdJWGmLgXX

— DieBuddies (@TwoEpicBuddies) June 27, 2018

A traditional Tommy Gun works perfectly with the crime fighters and shady criminals coming as skins during this patch.

With Season 5 just weeks away, fans are already super hyped about what's coming next in Fortnite. Two Epic Buddies are convinced that the rocket that's been slowly counting down is going to do some serious damage to the map we all love (and hate).

Oh yeah and the rocket will destroy a big chunk of the map for sure. pic.twitter.com/MM9KoqDWUw

— DieBuddies (@TwoEpicBuddies) June 27, 2018