'Fortnite' Adds Orange Shirt Kid Emote, Fans Celebrate

Fortnite Season 4 has finally begun and players are already exploring the damage the comets did to the game's map. There's also a few hidden perks for dedicated fans, including a brand new emote inspired by the "Orange Shirt Kid." Epic Games ran a contest, #BoogieDown, where fans could upload themselves dancing and have a chance at becoming an in-game emote. This one child dancing like a spastic gorilla caught the community by storm, quickly netting the most votes by far. Unfortunately, the contest rules said that you had to be over 18 to compete, so he was disqualified. The community was rightfully upset that their jiggy-master wouldn't be included because of a technicality.

How To Earn Orange Justice Dance Emote

Earn enough battle stars to hit rank 26 and the "Orange Justice emote" is yours. If you want to earn it faster, you'll need to purchase a Battle Pass with real money, but it can be obtained for free. There's an awesome Easter egg as the flavor text: "It's also a great exercise move," what "Orange Shirt Kid" said right after he finished his world-changing dance.

Fans are elated by this inclusion by Epic Games, who listened to the player base and gave them what they wanted. On the Fortnite sub reddit, the post is currently at 30,000 upvotes and it's only climbing. "Orange Shirt Kid" tweeted his elation over the inclusion, saying "THEY ADDED IT OMGOMG." I feel personally vindicated by this addition, which really shows what a little bit of community outreach can do for a game's growing population.