'Fortnite' Season 6 Pets and Skins Leak: John Wick Gets a Dog

It's the day before Fortnite Season 6 begins, and we're still getting leaks. The PlayStation store added a picture showing the new pets and mounts, before quickly pulling it off the app. Sony may have scrubbed their side clean, but Fortnite Intel managed to grab a screenshot before the purge. We've known that pets were coming; files have been found in the game's code for the last few patches. Now, we know that the feature is finally on its way.

fortnite intel leak
Fortnite leak, featuring the cutest dog! Fortnite intel

In the image, we can see the DJ Llama featured in the first Fortnite Season 6 image on Twitter with a small dog chilling on his back. Having back blings that are alive seems adorable, until you remember all the gunplay that happens in a battle royale. I don't want to think about a little doge getting sniped from halfway across the map, but Epic Games is making me.

There's also an inflatable llama that should make for a very interesting mount. At first glance, it does look like the base skin is mounting the llama, but on closer inspection it's actually more like a Halloween costume. The little legs are inflatable, making it look like he's actually riding a sentient pool toy. Players who use this will be more noticable and have a larger hitbox, but that's worth it to be a small cowboy. (Also, does it wobble side to side in order to move or is it sentient and the plastic legs gallop? These are the important questions that keep me up at night.)

The most important part of this addition? John Wick can finally have his dog.