The 'Fortnite' Gamescom Poop Bandit is Fake News

A story from a German gaming news site PlayNation.De, which claimed a fan defecated in a paper bag while waiting to play Fortnite at the Gamescom convention currently taking place in Cologne, has attracted a lot of attention online. Gamescom attendees could earn a unique Fortnite spray only available at the con if they lined up to play, and this person supposedly really wanted that cosmetic.

The article and translation on ResetEra went on to claim that other people nearby stepped in the feces, spreading it around the line and forcing the booth workers to clean it up. Members of the forum eagerly believed this tale, noting the dedication of hardcore Fortnite fans.

Turns out, the whole story is completely false. Nick Chester, Senior PR rep for Epic Games, went to Twitter to denounce the claims. The original forum post and article have been updated to say the story was fake.

I can’t believe I need to tweet this, but this did not happen.

— Nick Chester (@nickchester) August 24, 2018

Newsweek reached out to PlayNation for comment and will update if the publication responds.