'Fortnite' Rift Tour Quest Walkthrough: How To Use an Alien Hologram Pad

As part of its new "Rift Tour" event, Fortnite has added three limited-time quests for players to complete, with a mysterious fourth objective due to unlock when the Ariana Grande concert launches at the weekend.

What Is the Rift Tour Event?

In case you are unaware, the Rift Tour event is a virtual gig (headlined by Ariana Grande) that will be held within Fortnite from August 6 to August 8.

Like the recent Easy Life concert that took place in a reconstructed O2 arena, this event will blend a traditional music performance with interactive gimmicks. According to the Epic Games website, you will be able to travel alongside friends into "magical new realities," where Ariana Grande's biggest hits will pair together with "moments based on elements from [Fortnite]."

Newsweek has already prepared a guide for everything you need to know about this concert, including a breakdown of the different showtimes and all the unlockable cosmetics that are up for grabs.

Fortnite Rift Tour Quest Walkthrough: Getting to the Party UFO

There are currently three quests available under the Rift Tour tab, each of which come with their own limited-time rewards. One of these missions asks you to "use an alien hologram pad on top of the party UFO."

To complete this particular objective, you will first need to join a battle royale match and then skydive into the very center of the map (to the "Aftermath" landmark). There, you will find a spaceship that looks near-identical to the abductor crafts that were introduced as part of Fortnite's 17.10 update, only this one is illuminated blue instead of pink. It can also be distinguished by a holographic timer that is affixed to the front of the ship, counting down to the beginning of the Rift Tour event itself.

If you botch the landing or otherwise miss the party UFO, you can still get there without having to load another match. All you need to do is head directly beneath the ship's abduction beam, open up your glider and then letting the anti-gravitational force pull you upwards.

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Fortnite Rift Tour Quest Walkthrough: Using an Alien Hologram Pad

Once you are atop the party UFO; you will then need to locate a hologram pad.

This could just be a technical glitch but, in our experience, these glowing yellow orbs only became visible once we were within a certain range of them. They are placed on the elevated platforms that are dotted around the circumference of the ship, and there seem to be three of them in total. Just be on the lookout for a tell-tale lens flare and you should be able to find them with ease.

When the game says that you need to "use" the hologram pads, all it really wants you to do is run through them. Doing so will encase your feet in blocks of ice for a period of time, during which you will skid around uncontrollably on the surface of the UFO. Activating just one of the hologram pads is enough to complete the quest, but you can always skate through the others to refresh the ice block status effect if you want.

When you next return to the main menu, you will then be notified that you have unlocked the "Cloud Kitty" emoticon. There does not appear to be any XP reward for completing this quest.

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