'Fortnite' Rubber Duckie Locations & Salty Springs Treasure Challenge Guide

Fortnite update 4.2 still hasn't arrived yet, but its Weekly Challenges are already live. This week, players need to find 10 Rubber Duckies and Salty Springs Treasure to level up their Battle Passes. Complete both challenges by reading our guide below.


Here's a map of some of the locations courtesy of Fortnite INTEL.

Fortnite Rubber Ducky map
Here’s a map of some Rubber Duckie locations. Epic Games/Fortnite INTEL

Here are some specific locations you can use to complete the challenge as well.

Fatal Fields: In the pond

Fortnite duckie Fatal Feilds
The pond in Fatal Fields Epic Games/DooM BigFoltz @ YouTube

Snobby Shores: In the pool

Fortnite duckie Snobby Shores
In the pool of Snobby Shores Epic Games/DooM BigFoltz @ YouTube

Lucky Landing: South of Lucky under the bridge

Fortnite duckie Lucky
Under the bridge of Lucky Landing Epic Games/DooM BigFoltz @ YouTube

Lucky Landing: South of lucky on the waterfall. It's near the very edge of the map.

Fortnite duckie Luckky 2
There’s one on the waterfall’s edge too. Epic Games/DooM BigFoltz @ YouTube

Moisty Mire: On the edge of the Mire, in this pond area towards the end of the map

Fortnite Duckie Moisty
A Moisty Mire Duckie location in the pond. Epic Games/DooM BigFoltz @ YouTube

Retail Row: By the fence near the water tower. You may need to destroy the generator to get it.

Fortnite duckie Retail Row
Destroy the generator in Retail Row. Epic Games/DooM BigFoltz @ YouTube

Loot Lake: By the dock

Fortnite duckie Loot Lake
By the docks of Loot Lake Epic Games/DooM BigFoltz @ YouTube

Lonely Lodge: In the water by the large house

Fortnite duckie Lonely
In the corner of Lonely Lodge Epic Games/DooM BigFoltz @ YouTube

Fatal Fields: In the top right by this water area

Fortnite duckie Fatal Feilds 2
The top-right corner of Fatal Fields Epic Games/Tyceno @ YouTube

There are more Duckie locations than those listed here, but these will give you more than enough to get the challenge done.


To find the treasure, you can use the map below.

Fortnite salty springs treasure location
Here’s where we think the Salty Springs treasure might be. Epic Games

If you need to see the precise location, it's below Lonely Lodge and Moisty Mire on the racetrack. It's between a big tree on the bottom corner of the track.

Fortnite Salty Springs Treasure location
The Salty Springs treasure location Epic Games/Clinchy @ YouTube


As an added bonus, we'll cover this challenge too. It's buggy right now due to the delayed deployment of the 4.2 update, but you can access it by going to Lobby > Career > Replays and selecting an option from the list. Hopefully the challenge will be fixed in the coming hours.

Fortnite match replays
The Match Replay screen in ‘Fortnite’ Epic Games/MadaVoid @ YouTube

Fortnite is in early access across PS4, Xbox One, PC and iOS. These Challenges are uniform across all platforms.

That's all there is to know about the Week 3 Challenges. If you have any more feedback feel free to leave it below.