'Fortnite' Search Knife Treasure Map Location & Highest Elevations Week 6 Guide

Fortnite 's Week 6 Challenges are live, and we're here to help you with two of the toughest ones. We'll show you where the Knife points to on the Treasure Map loading screen and the locations for the map's highest elevations.

Visit the five highest elevations on the Island

Before starting this Week 6 Challenge, you should know that each elevation spot is marked with an altitude sign like the one shown below. If you don't see the sign, you're not in the right place.

Fortnite elevation sign
Look for these elevation signs to ensure you're in the right place. Epic Games/niitq @ YouTube

1) Elevation 1: On top of the Volcano.

Fortnite elevation location 1
The first elevation point is at the top of the Volcano. Epic Games/niitq @ YouTube

2) Elevation 2: At the top of the castle in Polar Peak.

Fortnite elevation location 2
An elevation point at the top of the Polar Peak castle Epic Games/niitq @ YouTube

3) Elevation 3: Atop the stranded submarine just outside Frosty Flights.

Fortnite elevation location 3
An elevation point atop the stranded submarine Epic Games/niitq @ YouTube

4) Elevation 4: On top of this large formation west of Tilted Towers.

Fortnite elevation location 4
An elevation point west of Tilted Towers Epic Games/niitq @ YouTube

5) Elevation 5: On the other hill east of the previous one. It's directly south of Pleasant Park.

Fortnite elevation location 5
An elevation point south of Pleasant Park Epic Games/niitq @ YouTube

Just visit the signs at each of these five locations to get credit for the challenge.

Search where the Knife sits on the Treasure Map Loading Screen

The Treasure Map Loading Screen was also used for the Magnifying Glass Challenge in Week 3. Here's what it looks like in case you forget. Just like the previous challenge, we need to go to the spot on the map where the object is located.

Fortnite Treasure Map loading screen
This is 'Fortnite's Treasure Map Loading Screen. Epic Games/OmniPie @ YouTube

For the Knife, that's this spot between Lonely Lodge and the Paradise Palms racetrack.

Fortnite knife treasure map map
The Knife points to this spot between Lonely Lodge and the Paradise Palms racetrack. Epic Games/ItzMarcoNation @ YouTube

Like most Battle Stars, this one is located on a small patch of dirt like the one seen below. Just head to the location to collect your reward.

Fortnite knife treasure map location
You should see a Battle Star on this patch of dirt. Epic Games/ItzMarcoNation @ YouTube

That's all you need to know about these two Week 6 Challenges. If you're having trouble finding the Wooden Rabbit, Stone Pig or Metal Llama, be sure to use our guide.

What are your thoughts on Fortnite's Week 6 Challenges? Were you able to find all five elevations and the Knife search Battle Star? Tell us in the comments section!

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