'Fortnite' Season 6 Map Easter Eggs: Tunnels, Mansions and Graveyards

Fortnite's map has gone through some major changes for Season 6. There are tunnels underneath bunkers, spooky graveyards and a giant floating cube. Here are the secrets Epic Games wants you to look for.


the tunnels and bunkers underneath the buildings in Wailing Woods YouTube via HappyPower

Underneath the bunker in the Wailing Woods, there's now a series of tunnels. If you blow up some of the smaller houses littered around the forest, you can find tunnels underneath them. Underneath the larger mansion is an underground cave littered with hunting trophies, which could be part of the tunnel system. There are also a bunch of open holes currently blocked off, which may eventually lead to a whole series of tunnels underneath the Fortnite map. Imagine being able to sneak up on an enemy squad by traveling underneath their feet.

Corrupt Zones

During the end of season five, a giant purple cube roamed the Fortnite map. In six unique places, the cube imprinted a rune on the ground that fans would not speculating about. With the start of Season 6, the runes have activated, turning the ground below them into a chaotic nightmare. When dropping here, you'll find three chests and a new consumable, Shadow Stones. These crackly rocks transform you into an invisible ghost, allowing you to sneak up on enemies in new ways. These lands are barren; the runes destroyed every living thing at this location. Fortnite got dark.

The Cube at the Lake

the Cube
Just look at that cube YouTube via Yode

The Cube, once it was done trotting along, sank into the bottom of Loot Lake. The whole body of water transformed into a gelatinous trampoline, allowing players to bounce around like kangaroos. When Season 6 started, the island at the middle of the lake rose out of the waves, with the cube attached to the bottom. Now, there's a new platform players can land on, which will also have three loot chests. If you look close at the cube, it seems to be embedded in the sheetrock of the island, meaning it bonded with the actual earth beneath the lake. The darkness that's falling over Fortnite isn't just on the surface, the whole world is getting corrupted by this evil force.

Haunted Mansion

haunted hills
The creepy bat tombstone at Haunted Mansion Newswek

On top of the tallest point in the Haunted Hills lies a new location: the Haunted Mansion. Littered with open coffins, rubble and statues, it's the creepiest spot on the whole map. Inside, you'll find lots of treasure chests and ammo boxes, you're just going to have to break a few walls. It's creepy to me how many empty coffins there are without bodies inside. What happened to the corpses? Are we getting zombie skins to come back from the dead or is Epic Games just trying to push their Teen ESRB rating?


fortnite graveyard
The new graveyard in Fortnite Newsweek

Once you jump down from the mansion, you'll find a graveyard littered with mausoleums and tombstones. There really isn't anything to find here (yet), besides the occasional chest hidden inside one of the greystone buildings. It's interesting how many different types of headstones Epic Games made for the graveyard. There's one with a trophy on top, one that's just a rotten plank of wood covered in vines and then there's the traditional stone with an eyeball. Hopefully as the season progresses, we'll see more spooky stuff.

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