'Fortnite' Season 6 Theories & Leaks - the Cube, Weapon Skins, Themes & More

Fortnite Season 6 is set to begin Sept. 27 at 8 a.m. EDT, so we're here to offer up five theories about the next Battle Pass. Using leaks from qualified sources, we'll discuss the Cube, potential weapon skins and possible themes.

1) Kevin the Evil Cube: One of the most popular theories about Fortnite Season 6 revolves around the giant purple Cube that some fans call Kevin. Believed to have been brought to the Battle Royale map by the Enforcer, this geometric wonder is a massive bundle of mystery. It just absorbed into Loot Lake and made it bouncy, but is that just the beginning of a larger story?

Fortnite Week 10 Loading Screen
The Brite Bomber looks worried about what she's seeing. Epic Games

Observe the Week 10 secret loading screen for Season 5. Here we see the Brite Bomber staring at her reflection in the Cube. Suffice to say, she doesn't look thrilled with the reverse image. This normally happy character has a sinister grin, war paint on her face and a dragon on her shirt. The teaser has led some fans to believe Fortnite Season 6 will transform the bright Battle Royale map into a dark, spooky realm akin to the Upside Down from Stranger Things. Especially with Halloween right around the corner, packing on the scares may not be a bad idea.

2) Opposite Day and Lava Lake: Instead of making everything on the Battle Royale map evil, it's also possible Fortnite Season 6 is focused on more polar opposites beyond darkness and light. We just saw Rifts transform the modern Tomato Town into the ancient Tomato Temple, so it could happen again on a grander scale.

Loot Lake Volcano Leak
'Fortnite' fans believe this image confirms a volcano spawning in Loot Lake. Epic Games/FortniteLeaks

A prime example of how this might work out revolves around Loot Lake. Datamined sound and visual files suggest its typically serene waters could become a deadly pit of lava. That's a more negative example, but what about a simple location like Lonely Lodge? The opposite of a quiet gathering place like that might be a sprawling, futuristic metropolis. It's not necessarily scary, but it's very different nonetheless.

3) From Sadness to Joy: Fortnite's Seasons take players on such a journey that the aesthetic at the start of a Battle Pass rarely resembles its end. If the theories about darkness are correct, could the back half of Season 6 be focused on something a little more joyful?

By the time Season 6 is about to wrap up, we'll be heading into the haze of the holiday season. In that spirit, maybe it's Fortnite's version of Santa Clause that somehow saves our beloved arena from being consumed by dread. Imagine a sleigh flying through the sky and washing brightness over everything in its path. We've got a few very different holidays happening close to one another, which potentially makes for an interesting Season of Fortnite.

4) Weapon Skins: Separate from theme speculation, data miners have also discovered evidence to suggest weapon skins may be coming to Battle Royale. Situated appropriately with other weapon-focused files is a new folder called "WeaponSkins." The folder was also recently updated with an asset called "TheCUBE."

The simple conclusion to draw is that Epic is working on weapon skins for Fortnite, and one of them may feature a purple Cube-like look. What better way to honor the death of Kevin in Season 6 than to design your favorite gun in his memory? A feature like this may take time to implement, but the fact that new assets are being added is a positive sign for development.

5) Pets: Another bizarre folder that's been lingering around is the one labeled for "Pets." That archive was found at the beginning of the month and hasn't grown since. It may foreshadow an upcoming feature for Season 6, but it could be pushed to Season 7 as well.

While there's no official vision for how pets might work, we see them as small animal pals that your character carries on their shoulder or in a bag. Think of them as little dogs or parrots to accompany you on your quest. If that concept is correct, it's just one more cosmetic for fans to get attached to.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile. Season 6 is expected to begin Sept. 27 at 8 a.m. EDT.

What are your theories for Fortnite Season 6? What do you think its Battle Pass theme will be? Tell us in the comments section!