'Fortnite': How to Mark an Alien Egg in Holly Hatchery

Fortnite's legendary questline for this week is entitled "Breeding Peace" and has you attempting to reconcile the differences between the island natives and season 7's extra-terrestrial "trespassers," by helping to raise the latter's children.

One part of the questline that is potentially confusing for newcomers (or if you are just a little rusty when it comes to the game's ping controls) is the second stage, in which you are asked to mark an alien egg. To help you complete this objective and reap the bountiful XP rewards, Newsweek has prepared the following walkthrough.

Stage 1: Construct a Wooden Hatchery

Before you go on an expedition into the heart of an alien nest, you will first need to complete stage 1 of "Breeding Peace."

This requires you to build a nursery for your interplanetary adoptee, in the form of a wooden hatchery. There are three applicable construction sites for this across the Fortnite map, with the first being on an island northwest of Craggy Cliffs. There is also another potential spot to the northeast of Catty Corner and a final one hidden in a shack to the far south of Slurpy Swamp.

If you drop right into these locations at the start of the match, you should not encounter too much trouble from other players, as they are quite out of the way and are not near any particularly valuable loot spawns.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will need to be on the lookout for the blue outline of a hatchery (which looks a bit like a traditional crib). When you approach this marker, you will notice that you require at least 50 wood to complete the design.

In the case of the Slurpy Swamp location, you will literally be surrounded by a wooden shack that you can hack away at using your harvesting tool. Otherwise, just find some nearby trees to chop down.

After you have gathered all the necessary timber, return to the hatchery site and hold down the contextual button to build it. You will then have completed stage 1 of "Breeding Peace" and are now well on your way to becoming the loving foster parent of a grotesque alien squid.

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Stage 2: Mark an Alien Egg at Holly Hatchery

Stage 2 of "Breeding Peace" asks you to mark an alien egg. You are free to do this anywhere on Fortnite Island (a good spot is near the Aftermath region on the map), but the game recommends that you go to Holly Hatchery. As the name suggests, the invaders have basically turned this place into a nest.

If you are not familiar with Holly Hatchery, it has become the aliens' de facto territory on the island, meaning that it is filled with "trespasser" NPCs, futuristic weaponry for you to loot, and strange low-gravity zones. With all that in mind, you might as well land here at the start of the match to pick up some powerful gear in case you run into any aggressive players.

In terms of completing the legendary quest itself, you can barely move without tripping over alien eggs here. If you do not know what you are looking for, they are essentially transparent green blobs that resemble oversized frog eggs.

To mark them, you need not venture too close, as doing so will cause the parasites to hatch and start leaching away at your health bar. Instead, you should just keep your distance and ping the eggs by pressing either the left D-pad button on console or the middle mouse button on PC. This is the exact same function that allows you to ping enemies and items when you are playing cooperatively with others, but if you always do solo matches then you might not be aware of that.

Once you have marked the egg, the objective is complete and you will be rewarded with a bunch of XP and can progress to the next step of your parenting journey.

In other Fortnite news, a LeBron James bundle has been added to the item store to coincide with the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy and a recent update has introduced the ability to customize your item slot preferences.

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