'Fortnite' Hunting Party Secret Star Locations Week 5: Heading to the Castle

It's Fortnite hunting season, so make sure your Battle Pass is purchased, your chug jugs are full and you aren't afraid of heights. The loading screen for week five of Season 6 shows off a bunch of the new Fortnitemares skins fighting on top of a castle. In the upper left of the screen, in a dark corridor, you can just barely see the star shine. Remember that you'll need to complete all of this week's challenges before you can find the star. Just showing up to the spot without finishing won't get you anything.

Where to find Hunting Party Secret Battle Star for Week 5 of Season 6

This week's Hunting Party Battle Star is located at the castle on Haunted Hills, at C4 on the map. Land at the tower that's on the bottom right. You'll know if you're at the right spot once you start chopping away at the rooftop of the spire. If it isn't there, try bouncing over to one of the other towers on the map. Eventually, you'll hit the correct one.

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