'Fortnite' Skins Leaked: Visitor, Soccer, PS+ and More

Fortnite data miners digging around the hidden files for patch v4.4 have found some amazing stuff. Two Epic Buddies, the go-to Twitter account for Fortnite clues, is back again with six new skins, emotes, back blings and customizable soccer jerseys.

Fortnite V4.4 Datamined Skins

According to Two Epic Buddies, these are the names of these skins:

  • Visitor
  • Dark Eagle
  • WWII Pilot
  • Dark Ninja

They should be hitting the item shop over the next couple of weeks.

Dataminers found a new set of skins that is sure to delight fans of the World Cup and soccer (or football). Jerseys in the code with different heads and bodies, like the base skin in the battle royale. These skins should be completely customizable, allowing you to pick a country and rep it on the Battle Bus. It's small additions like these that make Fortnite such a popular game that can retain a rabid community.

On June 12 a PlayStation exclusive skin will be available, according to the mine. If you have a PS+ account, you'll be able to unlock this skin on the console. It's still unclear if you play across multiple platforms if the skin will stay on your account, but we will found that out soon enough.

The coolest skin found in the code has to be the final reward for the Blockbuster missions. If you've been completing your Battle Tier Pass and unlocking the secret hidden stars throughout the map, you'll be unlocking the Visitor skin. It's a cyberpunk-inspired superhero, with facial emotes that can change throughout the game. Only the hardest of Fortnite fans are going to unlock the Visitor, and it's worth the hours of playtime you'll need to invest.

New Emotes

New Gas Grenade Item

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