'Fortnite' Swords Coming to Battle Royale: A Weapon Fit for an Ice King

Fortnite will add swords in the near future, allowing you to live out all your favorite moments from Highlander . A new trailer from Epic Games shows off a powerful-looking ice blade and the caption "a weapon fit for a king." The brief trailer highlights a gloriously sharp object that seems perfect for Warcraft's Lich King, but not really a good fit the Chicken Trooper.

Coming soon... a weapon fit for a King 🗡👑 pic.twitter.com/n3kMDCS5IH

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) December 10, 2018

Swords already exist in Fortnite's other game mode, Save the World. Players can unlock dozens of blades that can swing, crash and bang into the world around them. There's a stamina bar, so you can't go around acting like Beyblade Garen from League of Legends . It gives the weapon a little bit of counterplay; however, it's unclear if the weapon will work the same way in the battle royale as Save the World, especially since the newly revealed blade has an ominous, shivering glow.

Data miners digging around the code for patch 7.0 found sound files for swords. Dozens of unimplemented clinks and clanks have been found in the game. Expect the swords, and all their noises, to hit the game sometime this week in patch 7.1. Epic Games rarely teases a weapon like this unless it's ready for the big time.

BRsword soundfiles PART: 2 ! pic.twitter.com/RIvZA7gPMO

— FortTory - Fortnite Leaks & News (@FortTory) December 8, 2018

Personally, I hope the blade summons icicles or ice monsters. The power of Thanos from the Avengers LTM has been sorely lacking from Fortnite and this would be a perfect time to throw it back in. Have the sword be an all-powerful blade of mystery in a limited mode and let fans go on a power trip.

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