'Fortnite's Thanos Should Be More Powerful, Not Less

The Fornite X Avengers crossover featuring Thanos has been a welcome addition to the battle royale. Fans have been transforming themselves into the giant purple menace, slamming down into the earth, smacking enemies and shooting frickin' laser beams. But Epic Games believed Thanos players were a bit too powerful, so they lowered his shields and max laser damage to make a him a little easier to defeat.

Thanos shouldn't be easy to defeat. He's a mad titan with limitless power stemming from the Infinity Gauntlet on his wrist. He can literally do anything. In the original "Infinity Gauntlet" comic event, he longs to court death with this magnificent display of power, culling half the life in the galaxy just to appease the goddess and make her love him. All of the universe's strongest forces, from the planet-munching Galactus to the everlasting Living Tribunal, turn to concrete with a snap of his fingers. He would have won the whole show if not for his own hubris and need to gloat.

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Infinity War #5 shows the Infinity Gauntlet's real power Marvel Comics

Fortnite should have turned Thanos into a real boss, someone that would require multiple players to take down. Acquiring the gauntlet is no easy task, and everyone on the map can see his location. Shouldn't his power match the risk? He's already at a disadvantage, since he can't use any items or build and leaping into the air forces him out of cover. With the increased weapon spawn rates in the mode, it's easier for players to kite Mr. Wrinkle-chin with high DPS weapons.

Without that needed "oomph," Thanos is kind of reduced to a gimmick. What could have been an awesome 99 vs. one mode has instead turned into a free-for-all, where some players protect the gauntlet rather than using it themselves, camping out nearby to keep other people from using it. The fun of the mode should be ganging up on a literal madman with zero remorse, but instead I feel bad for Thanos. After Infinity War, I don't want to feel any remorse.

Fans have had mixed reactions to the change. Some are enjoying playing as an all-powerful leapfrog, while others want him to be a tad stronger.

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When the Enemy Thanos get's too excited you must elimate and then manifest into Thanos "Bush Edition"(@dakotaz Did it first!) ;^D | Ps. I find the bush more useful in this game mode than any other game mode. I actually love being a Bush sneaking up on Thanos. pic.twitter.com/NG747CUSHb

— Ceez [+] (@CDNThe3rd) May 9, 2018

I’m not going to sleep until I get to become Thanos in Fortnite

— Lil Mexico 4L (@MexicoMerio) May 9, 2018

Others just want a chance to actually play as Thanos.

I’ll never get to be Thanos in Fortnite 😞

— ryan christopher. (@rc_steez) May 9, 2018

Either way, it's led to some amazing clips from Twitch, and everything in life can be cured with some Ninja insanity.