'Fortnite' Travis Scott Concert Premieres New Kid Cudi Track in 'Astronomical'

The initial Travis Scott Fortnite concert just concluded, giving fans their first glimpse at what "Astronomical" has to offer. Following in the footsteps of the highly-successful Marshmello performance from last year, Scott and Epic Games had a lot to live up to. After watching the pretty lights, head banging and otherworldly visuals, I'm willing to call it a success.

travis scott fortnite kid cudi new song
A giant Travis Scott dances in the clouds Epic Games

In preparation for today's show, I purchased the Marvel Cable skin so I could blend in as the old man who has never purchased a Battle Pass. Logging into the game a half hour before the concert was set to begin, I repeatedly died over and over and disrespected the legacy of Rob Liefeld. As the countdown slowly ticked towards zero, the bloodshed stopped and players gained access to three emotes: Rage (holding a flaming microphone above your head), Intensity (a dance shuffle) and Headbang (self-explanatory).

At 7:05 p.m. EST the counter finally hit zero and the show finally began as Sicko Mode started to blast all around is—with all the bad words edited out. Slowly, a giant globe moves towards the stage looking straight out of a Yellow Submarine CGI reboot. As the beat drops, a kaiju-sized Travis Scott appears, throwing players all across the map. As Stacey Dash gets a clue, we were able to bounce around the map like the floor was made of rubber cement.

Then as the second song starts, Scott takes two stars out of the sky and slams them together. This doomsday event (but not the one that's coming) causes the sky to turn red as giant holographic women dancers appear all around. Scott has transformed into a half-cybernetic Terminator monster that teleports around with immense swagger.

travis scott fortnite kid cudi new song
A neon Travis Scott or a Sesame Street segment gone awry Epic Games

As the beat switches to Scott's classic hit "Goosebumps," the whole world goes neon and black. Looking straight out of a bad drug trip, Scott laments his audience about his experiences with women while the previous globe follows from afar. This was one of the trippier moments of the show and from a song I recognized, making it my favorite.

travis scott fortnite kid cudi new song
Cactus Jack having an underwater moment Epic Games

Following an intergalactic journey, the screen slowly gets full of water as we descend deeper down into Scott's void. Four giant dancers in skeletal jumpsuits surround us as the brand new song travels through the ocean depths.

Teleporting back to a neon-coated universe, the Drake verse and refrain from "SIcko Mode" blast as we watch Scott's alter ego Cactus Jack stomp around the world with a globe. The final song was brand new, unreleased and just for Fortnite players in the concert. Featuring Kid Cudi, the premiere of the track is definitely worth a listen.


— XXL Magazine (@XXL) April 23, 2020

Then it was over. The whole concert lasted only 10 minutes, throwing players back into their matches once it was all over. It's clear that a lot of work went into creating this short but sweet experience, with giant Travis Scott now becoming a part of Fortnite lore. These concerts are incredibly popular and it won't be surprising when Epic Games announces how many millions of people logged in just to watch.

Not sure I needed to dress up though.