'Fortnite' Update 16.20 Adds Off-Road Tires, Chonker's Customs—Patch Notes

Fortnite update 16.20 has just gone live with the addition of Off-Road Tires, true support for vehicles in Creative and more. Save the World also expands with some new quests and further adjustments to crowd control.

Read the full patch notes below, courtesy of official Epic Games sources.

Fortnite update 16.20 Patch Notes


fortnite update 1620 patch notes
'Fortnite' update 16.20 has just gone live with Off-Road Tires and more. Read the full patch notes here. 'Fortnite' is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X}S, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android. Epic Games
  • Trick out your ride with new wheels: Visit Chonker's Customs in Catty Corner to get some Off-Road tires that attach to any vehicle
  • Sharpen those bow skills and focus up for a special Duos Cup: The Leleo Cup takes place April 13 through April 15
  • 50-player matchmaking in Creative: Matchmake with larger parties in Creative from now on

Fortnite Creative

fortnite update 1620 patch notes vehciles
'Fortnite' update 16.20 brings true vehicle support to Creative. Epic Games

Joyride Vehicles now in Fortnite Creative!

  • Want to go fast? The Whiplash is a great choice for racing on a road track
  • Off-road more your style? Jump into the OG Bear and tear up the dirt
  • Bring your crew and squad up with four-door fun in the Prevalent
  • Honk! Honk! If you think six wheels are better than four - try out the Mudflap!

Large Matchmaking Support

The option to create up to 50-player games is out of beta and now available to all Creators. Bring more players into your experience with more matchmaking options. Whether you are playing practice, combat, or variety games, more players mean more fun. Check the Gameplay section down below for details.

Hub V2 Islands

We'll be on the lookout for Featured Hubs taking advantage of our using our new hub islands: Flat Grid Hub V2 and Floating Island Hub V2. These new hub layouts feature clearer, simplified areas perfect for navigation with a single height building guide and pathways to portal areas.

Since the building guide may take up some of your creative space, we've also increased the building volume for these islands to be 71x71 (compared to the previous 67x67 hubs). We can't wait to see all of your new Welcome Hub creations.

Note: We're planning an additional Welcome Hub update in a future update to adjust featured portal placement -- allow us to feature new Hub V2 creations.

Welcome Hub Update

Along new changes, we've removed two player portals and two event portals from the Welcome Hub in this release. This is necessary to accommodate the new XL Islands and Spatial Thermometer which are entering Beta in this release. See the Beta Testing section below for more details.

Gameplay Features

  • The initial phase of Large Matchmaking Support has now left Beta and is available to everyone. Please read the notes section below before beginning to use this feature.
  • New values have been added to the Max Players option in My Island Game Settings: 20, 24, 30, 32, 40, 48, 50.
      • This is just the first phase of the large matchmaking support initiative, and as such, there are various issues with the way that the larger player count interacts with some devices.
      • Some devices will not currently operate correctly when using Any/All as the selected value in Team-related options.
      • Some devices have been observed to fail to apply settings correctly to all players in a game with 16 or more players present.
      • Please be sure to test your game with larger player counts and be prepared to use workarounds for now if you find some devices behaving incorrectly.
      • We are currently undertaking the task of updating all devices to support large player counts, and allowing all devices which have Team-related options to support up to 50 teams.
  • Added a new option to My Island Game Settings:
    • Matchmaking Privacy: Public, Private (Default: Public).
    • When an island is published with this option set to 'Private', it will immediately restrict how other people can interact with the island.
      • The island cannot be accessed via portals except on islands belonging to the island Creator. (i.e. the Creator can place portals pointing to the island on their own personal hubs or islands, but nobody else can).
      • The island cannot be accessed via the front end code entry menu.
      • The island will not appear in Recently Visited or Favorite island lists.
      • The island cannot be featured on the Welcome Hub and cannot be accessed via the portals on the Welcome Hub.
    • IMPORTANT: This setting is PERMANENTLY set the first time that the island is published.
      • You can duplicate an island which has had its privacy permissions set and freely change the setting on the duplicate until the first time it is published.

Feature Removals

  • The following devices have been removed from the Device Gallery:
    • Item Spawner Plate
    • Player Spawn Plate
    • Player Checkpoint Plate

These devices will continue to work in all islands which already have them, but they can no longer be selected or placed from the Device Gallery. We recommend replacing these older devices with their newer counterparts where possible to ensure future compatibility.

  • The following devices have been removed from the Device Gallery and will not function for the time being:
    • ATK Spawner
    • Quadcrasher Spawner
    • Shopping Cart Spawner
    • Cannon Spawner

These devices will not spawn their vehicles, which are currently not compatible with the updated vehicle physics. As and when these vehicles are updated, their spawners will be re-enabled or replaced with working versions.

  • The following devices have been removed from the Device Gallery and will no longer function:
    • B.R.U.T.E. Spawner
    • The B.R.U.T.E. will not be updated to the new vehicle physics system and has been disabled indefinitely.

New Islands

  • Added two new islands:
    • Flat Grid Hub V2 - A flat grid island used to design featured hubs.
    • Floating Island Hub V2 - A floating island used to design featured hubs.

Islands Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a collision issue on The Shark Island where a trim asset blocked player movement.
  • Fixed an issue where Island images were not showing up on Matchmaking Portals.
  • Fixed an issue where Template Islands did not show up in the Template Island tab.
  • Fixed an issue where the Matchmaking widget was not available when players queued for a Matchmaking Portal within an LTM.
  • Fixed an issue where the mini-map did not show up on the Welcome Hub or Featured Islands.
  • Fixed an issue where the player map icon became offset on the mini-map when flying.

Tools Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where assets from the Island could not be added to the Quickbar.
  • Fixed an issue where the Barrier Prop blueprint was inconsistent with the Phone Tool.

Prefab & Gallery Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Haunted Courtyard Castle having a searchable coffin asset and asset icon.
  • Fixed an issue with the wooden railings from Haunted Castle Exterior Wall Gallery A giving incorrect resource materials.
  • Fixed an issue with the televisions from the Arctic Base Parts Gallery displaying the wrong screen image.


  • Added new vehicle spawners: Prevalent, Taxi, Whiplash, Bear and Mudflap.
  • Converted the following vehicle spawners to work properly with the new vehicle physics: Baller, Driftboard, and Stormwing.
  • For performance reasons, there's currently a placement limit of 16 vehicle spawners per island for performance reasons.
  • The new spawners* have the following options:
    • Enabled During Phase: None, All, Pre-Game Only, Gameplay Only (Default: All).
    • Respawn Time: Never, Instant, 1-five Seconds, 10 Seconds, 15 Seconds, 20 Seconds, 25 Seconds, 30 Seconds, 45 Seconds, one Minute, 1.5 Minutes, two Minutes, three Minutes, four Minutes, five Minutes (Default: Instant).
    • Respawn Vehicle When Enabled: Yes, No, Only If Needed (Default: Yes).
      • Determines whether the spawner will spawn a new vehicle when it is enabled at game start or via channels. 'Yes' will spawn a new vehicle, destroying an existing one, while 'Only If Needed' will only spawn a new vehicle if there is no existing one currently in the game.
    • Destroy Vehicle When Disabled: Yes, No (Default: Yes).
      • Determines whether the spawner will destroy any existing vehicles when it is disabled via channels.
    • Owning Team: Any, 1-16 (Default: Any).
      • Determines which teams can use the spawned vehicle.
    • Visible In Game: On, Off (Default: On).
      • Determines whether the spawn pad is visible during the game. Switching this to 'Off' will make the spawner invisible during gameplay and remove its collision, causing the spawned vehicle to fall through.
    • Assigns Driver When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
      • When the spawner receives a signal on the selected channel, it will teleport the target player into the vehicle.
        • If the vehicle does not already have a driver, the target player will become the driver.
        • If the target player is already in a vehicle, it will remove them from the old vehicle and put them in the new vehicle.
        • If the target vehicle already has a driver from a different team, the existing driver will be ejected from the vehicle and the target player will become the driver.
        • If the target vehicle already has a driver from the same team, the spawner will place the target player in a free passenger seat if one exists. If the vehicle has no free passenger seat, this will do nothing.
    • Respawn Vehicle When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
    • Destroy Vehicle When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
    • Enable When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
    • Disable When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
    • When Player Enters Vehicle Transmit On: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
    • When Player Exits Vehicle Transmit On: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
    • When Vehicle Spawns Transmit On: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
    • When Vehicle is Destroyed Transmit On: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
  • New spawners also include the following options:
    • Boost Regen: No Boost, Slow, Default, Fast, Unlimited (Default: No Boost or Default depending on vehicle type).
      • Determines whether the vehicle can boost, and how quickly the meter fills.
    • Radio: Enabled, Disabled (Default: Enabled).
    • Color and Style: Random, Various (depending on vehicle type). (Default: Random).
    • Tire Selection: Road Tires, Off-Road Tires (Default: Road Tires)
      • Determines the type of tires that the vehicle will spawn with.
  • NOTE: Not all Spawners have all of these options, and some spawners may contain additional options not listed here.
  • Spawner Known Issues:
    • We've temporarily turned off the ability for the Baller tow-hook to attach to other vehicles while we address some issues.
    • Spawners will send signals on both the When Vehicle is Destroyed and When Vehicle is Spawned channels at game start. This will be addressed in a future release.
    • Destroying a vehicle using Destroy Vehicle When Receiving From currently causes the vehicle to despawn rather than explode.
    • When Vehicle is Destroyed Transmit On currently waits for the destroyed vehicle to completely despawn before triggering, instead of triggering as soon as the vehicle explodes. This will be addressed in a future release.
    • There is an occasional bug with the Baller which can cause it to move unusually slowly.
    • Spawners for older vehicles such as the ATK, Quadcrasher, Shopping Cart and Cannon have been temporarily disabled until their associated vehicles have been updated to work with the new physics system.
  • Added the Race Checkpoint device
    • This device allows races to be created by placing a series of checkpoints in the map.
    • Each checkpoint has a sequence number which determines the order in which the checkpoints must be activated by players.
    • When placing checkpoints from the quick bar, they will automatically increment their sequence number to make it easy to place a number of them in sequence. The sequence numbers can be overridden once placed if desired.
    • Multiple checkpoints can have the same sequence number, in which case activating any of them will count and allow the player to advance.
    • The checkpoint with the lowest sequence number will automatically become the start point for the race and the checkpoint with the highest sequence number will automatically become the end point for the race. These will alter dynamically as checkpoints are placed or sequence numbers are changed manually.
    • This device has the following options:
    • Checkpoint Number: Set to Highest, 1-150 (Defaults to the next highest number when placed).
      • If 'Set to Highest' is selected, when the options screen is closed the checkpoint will automatically be set to be the next highest number in the sequence, as though it had been newly placed.
    • Allow Players to Pass Without Vehicle: Yes, No (Default: Yes)
      • Determines whether players can activate the checkpoint on foot, or whether they must be in a vehicle.
    • Allowed Vehicles: All, None, Ground Vehicles, Air Vehicles (Default: All)
      • Determines which types of vehicle can be used to activate the checkpoint.
    • Inactive Checkpoint Color: Team Relationship, Team Color, White, Sky Blue, Red-Orange, Gold, Apple Green, Fuchsia, Orange, Aquamarine, Beige, Purple, Neon Green, Cerulean, Silver, Aqua, Pink, Green (Default: White)
      • Determines the color for checkpoints which are not the current objective and have not yet been activated. Team Relationship sets the color to Red for checkpoints belonging to enemy teams, Green for checkpoints belonging to neutral teams and Blue for checkpoints belonging to friendly teams.
    • Current Checkpoint Color: (Colors as above).
      • Determines the color for the checkpoint which is the current objective.
    • Completed Checkpoint Color: (Colors as above).
      • Determines the color for checkpoints which have already been activated.
    • Visible Prior to Race Start: No, If Start, Yes (Default: If Start).
      • Determines whether players can see the checkpoints before the race begins. 'If Start' means that the checkpoint will only be visible if it is the first checkpoint in the race.
    • Checkpoint Visible When Passed: No, Yes (Default: No).
      • Determines whether the checkpoint remains visible to a player once it has been activated.
    • Activating Team: Any, 1-16 (Default: Any).
      • Determines which team can activate the checkpoint.
    • Class Identifier: None, 1-16 (Default: None).
      • Determines which class can activate the checkpoint.
    • Play Audio: Yes, No (Default: Yes).
      • Determines whether the checkpoint will play a sound when activated.
    • Enable When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
    • Disable When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
    • Set As Current Checkpoint When Receiving From: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
    • When Checkpoint Completed Transmit On: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
    • When Checkpoint Becomes Current Transmit On: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel).
    • Known Issues:
      • 'None' in the Class Identifier option actually means 'Any'. We will correct this in a future update and add separate values for Any Class and No Class.

Device and Item Fixes

  • Capture Area SFX now displays correctly when captured.
  • The Flag is no longer invisible when equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the Score Manager displayed inconsistent colors with intended numbers.
  • We have made changes to the way that the Billboard device displays text colors in an attempt to improve the overall look of colored text.

Beta Test

  • In this release, we are making XL Islands and the new Spatial Thermometer available to Beta test.
  • XL Islands
    • These islands have approximately 12x the surface area of regular islands.
    • At this time we are releasing both a flat grid and an island terrain version for testing.
    • Because of the size of these islands, we have had to reduce the overall number of islands accessible from the Welcome Hub.
  • Spatial Thermometer
    • The Spatial Thermometer is a new memory management system designed to allow Creators to fully exploit the large surface area of the new L and XL islands. More details will be released as development continues.

Save the World

fortnite update 1620 patch notes stw
Save the World egts some new quests in update 16.20, but there's nothing too exciting. Epic Games

New Mini-Questline!

Beginning April 16 at 8 p.m. EDT follow Homebase's newest Hero in their mission to join the fight against the Husky forces of evil in this new mini-questline! Complete this Questline to earn Legendary Flux, XP, and Evolution Materials.

Coming April 17 at 8 p.m. EDT - Grab Dashing Hare Ken and the Easter Egg Launcher from the Event Store!

Hare Ken

  • Standard Perk: Eggs-termination
    • Kunai Storm throws three egg bombs, which each deal 37 base damage to nearby enemies.
  • Commander Perk: Eggs-termination+
    • Kunai Storm throws three egg bombs, which each deal 111 base damage to nearby enemies.

Egg Launcher

  • Launcher that lobs eggs at the Husks that explode on contact! Strategically place the eggs to create festive landmines! A maximum of six eggs can be active at a time.

Crowd Control Tweak

  • Five Trap control effects can still make the Husks immune. But if they're not hit by a controlling effect for at least 30 seconds then that counter will reset back to zero. This is the perfect time to send them back through your tunnels! However, If this immunity is reached, it will now only last for two minutes rather than forever.

Bug Fixes


  • The Code Green Wrap is not displaying its numbers design.

Battle Royale

  • Arena playlist issues.
  • Stom visibility is clear in Performance Mode.
  • Character #17 not appearing on the Island
  • Slurpshrooms and Coconuts enabled.


  • "Pickaxe" Creator setting still spawns with Pickaxe
  • Vehicles not moving properly

Save the World

  • "Directive: Mission Alert 2" quest not tracking properly.
  • Delayed last swing of melee weapons


  • Blurry lobby cosmetics on Switch
  • 3D resolution resets even if saved by the player.

Fortnite update 16.20 may not feature many game-altering adjustments, but it is a historic patch for Battle Royale simply because it's the first one to introduce any kind of mod to the game. For now it looks like Chonker's Off-Road tires are the only adjustment players will be able to make to their chosen vehicle, but we imagine those tools will expand in the coming weeks with future updates. And, now that we know vehicles are open to mod, does that mean a weapon modification feature could be in the works as well? Season 6 introduced a crafting system, but could it be taken one step further with the ability to add different attachments to certain guns? Not today, but it would seem Epic is at least investigating the idea.

Moving on to Fortnite Creative, update 16.20 is a surprisingly girthy one for map makers to sink their teeth into. True vehicle support has finally made its way to the game, alongside two new Island presets and the race checkpoint feature. Perhaps more important than devices, however, is the increase in matchmaking pools and beta testing of mega-size islands. Up until now Creative has struggled to bring large groups of players to certain maps, but Epic is trying to address that problem by giving creators the freedom to expand their ideas to their heart's content. We've seen some amazing results on smaller Island sizes, so we can't wait to see what happens when there's more real estate in play. Update 16.20 isn't necessarily a game-changing patch, but it still adds worthwhile features to Battle Royale and Creative alike.

Fortnite is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android.

What do you think of Fortnite update 16.20? Have you tried the new Off-Road Tires yet? Tell us in the comments section!