'Fortnite' Update 1.99 Fixes Scoped Revolver Peeking & Sound Bugs - Patch Notes

Fortnite just received a small update to address a few lingering issues with Tuesday's 7.20 feature-focused patch. Labeled version 1.99 on PS4, the download fixes issues with the Scoped Revolver and corrects a few troubling sound bugs that have cropped up over the past few hours. Epic Games announced the news via Twitter Wednesday morning.

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As indicated by the tweet, the update has been deployed to resolve the following issues:

  • Trap selection
  • Ghost peeking with scoped weapons
  • Scythe Pickaxe sounds

While it's the second bullet on the list, ghost peeking with scoped weapons is the most likely reason today's emergency update exists at all. Mere hours after the debut of the Scoped Revolver in Battle Royale, players discovered a bug that allowed opponents to be shot while not peeking. As shown in the reddit clip below, user iDelTaa is able to shoot their friend while aiming at a wooden structure. To the untrained eye it almost looks like an aimbot might be in use, but this was actually a new glitch that was present in all of Battle Royale's scoped weapons.

As for the Reaper Pickaxe, the mysterious weapon adopted a strange swing sound following the 7.20 update. The deep, menacing swing of the past had oddly been replaced by a swing with an additional "splat" at the end. This was apparently an error, and Epic acknowledged it as such via Twitter Tuesday afternoon.

Given how significant the 7.20 update was, it's no surprise today's patch only features a few bug fixes. That being said, all of them are fairly critical to enjoying the latest Battle Royale experience. It keeps the new Scoped Revolver out of the vault at least, which allows players to see what it's all about. The 7.20 update also features tweaks to building controls and the partial return of Glider redeploy. As usual, Epic was quick to identify and resolve its biggest problems.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile. The aforementioned update arrives on Switch later today.

What are your thoughts on Fortnite update 7.20? Did you fall victim to the Scoped Revolver peeking bug? Tell us your stories in the comments section!

'Fortnite' Update 1.99 Fixes Scoped Revolver Peeking & Sound Bugs - Patch Notes | Gaming