'Fortnite' Update 6.21 Patch Notes: Balloons, More Explosions and Vaulted Dual Pistols

Fortnite continues its domination of the battle royale market with the new patch 6.21. For the third patch in a row, Epic Games decided that their money-making machine needs more controversial changes. This patch includes a new balloon item, the removal of Dual Pistols and the addition of increased explosion damage to structures. Here's the full list of everything important that's changing and the patch notes.

Vaulted Dual Pistols- The Dual Pistols, known for being a very niche but powerful item, have been shelved indefinitely and vaulted. The double guns are joined by the Semi-Auto Sniper and the Guided Missile, which have also been removed from the main game. The Guided Missile has been a powerful weapon since it's release, but the Dual Pistols seem like an odd thing to remove. They didn't destroy the meta like the MIssile Controlled Rocket Launcher or other weapons that have been deleted from Fortnite, but Epic Games thinks differently.

Redeployed Glider- Redeployed Gliders are being looked at, but are still staying in the game. "As this feature remains available, we'll begin making quality of life changes to its functionality," the patch notes say. "First of which will be prioritizing Glider audio over weapon audio within certain ranges."

Explosions on Structures- One of the more controversial changes in this update is the increase in damage for explosions. When attacking a structure with something that explodes, you'll deal 25 percent to people and items on the other side. You'll no longer be able to hide behind the wall you just built to keep yourself safe from an enemy rocket launcher or stricky grenade. This change is massive and will make explosions even more popular in the coming months. Expect to see lots of replays of players who thought they were safe inside a structure die and rage about it.

Balloons- First found by data miners in early Season 6, the Balloons are finally making it into Fortnite. Players can find the items in bushels of 20 in chests, llamas and random floor drops. Equipping balloons allows you to soar through the air, shooting enemies with helium-laced precision. Your primary-fire button inflates them and your secondary pops them, allowing you to maintain an altitude you are comfortable with. Be careful, if you go to high your balloons will pop and you'll come careening down to the ground. These items are great for build battles, helping you negate fall damage and survive the fight.

How do you feel about Fortnite patch 6.21? Are explosives to powerful or is the community just crying wolf? Tell us in the comments.