What Happened to 'Fortnite' Update v4.5? Playground LTM Still MIA (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Fortnite v4.5 will be out tomorrow.

Play in the v4.5 update tomorrow, June 27. Be the first to get your boots on the Ground!

Downtime begins at 4am Eastern Time (0800 GMT).

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) June 26, 2018

Tuesday is supposed to be the happiest day in a Fortnite fan's week. Throughout Season 4, Epic Games has consistently dropped updates on the second day of the work week for players to enjoy. Whether it's new pieces of a map, special items or a limited time mode with crazy rules, the community expects to see something awesome on Tuesday. Sadly, there's nothing new to play around with.

What Happened To Fortnite Update V4.5?

Epic Games has not provided an official explanation about the absence of the usual Fortnite update. The night before, the Fortnite Twitter account shares what time maintenance will happen and when the new patch will go live - usually around 4 a.m. EST. For V4.5, there's been dead air from from the developer. Fans, myself included, are genuinely curious as to why we haven't seen anything.

It's not like the company built on the Unreal engine is running out of resources. Fortnite earned a record-breaking $318 million in revenue in May, according to Super Data Research . Surely pushing out a patch can't be that hard with that much capital behind you?

Playground LTM to Blame?

On Sunday, a blurb on the Fortnite in-game message told fans the Playground LTM was finally on its way. Players were beyond excited to try the new mode, where building and resource management are key to success. Cheers of joy were heard on the game's subreddit, with many believing that the long-fabled mode would finally make a proper appearance in the next patch.

My guess is that the Playground LTM is still too buggy to release. We first learned about the mode in May, in a "State of Development" blog where Epic said it was coming "soon." Days turned to weeks and the company still hadn't released any information about Playground. On June 5, Epic Games employee jshredz appeared in the reddit comment section to tell players that the mode still needed some work.

The mode could still be broken though that's entirely speculation. Hopefully the patch rolls out sometime this week; it would suck not to get any new Fortnite toys because of the hype of one limited-time mode.