'Fortnite' Week 4 Secret Battle Star Banner Location & Loading Screen

Fortnite 's Week 4 Challenges are live, and that means there's a new Secret Banner to find. While there was a Battle Star featured in last week's Hunting Party Challenge, Epic seems to be switching between stars and banners for Season 6. With that in mind, here's a guide to get everything done.

How to Unlock the Week 4 Hunting Party Secret Banner

Just like all Secret Battle Stars or Banners, this one requires you to complete all the Weekly Challenges for a given week. In case you missed them, here are the Week 4 Challenges with links to guides for the toughest ones.

Free Challenges

  • Use a Port-a-Fort or Port-a-Fortress in different matches (five)
  • Search an Ammo Box in different Named Locations (seven)
  • Ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent in different matches (three) [Hard] [Guide]

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Land at Greasy Grove (one)
  • Dance on top of a Clock Tower (one)
  • Get a score of three or more at different Shooting Galleries (five) [Hard] [Guide]
  • Eliminate opponents near any of the Corrupted Areas (three) [Hard]

Once you finish everything in the list above, you'll see this secret Loading Screen. In the back right area of the picture is a candlelit altar featuring a llama with a banner on its back. You need to find that llama to get the Secret Banner.

Fortnite Loading Screen Week 4
The llama altar in the background is key to solving the Week 4 Loading Screen. Epic Games/VITREOUS @ YouTube

The Week 4 Secret Banner Location

The Secret Banner can be found on the back of the massive llama structure at the very northern tip of Flush Factory. Here's where the spot is on the map.

Fortnite Secret banner 4 map
Visit the massive llama structure on the tip of Flush Factory. Epic Games/VITREOUS @ YouTube

This is what the banner location looks like once you get there.

Fortnite Secret banner 4 location
This is what the Secret banner location looks like. Epic Games/VITREOUS @ YouTube

That's all you need to know about the Week 4 Hunting Party Challenge in Fortnite. Check back next week for a chance to find a Secret Battle Star.

Fortnite is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile.

Were you able to find the Secret Banner for Week 4 using the Loading Screen? Tell us in the comments section!