'Fortnite' Week 7 Free Tier Location & Blockbuster Challenge Skin Revealed

Fortnite Season 4 Week 7 is upon us, and that means there's another secret tier for your Battle Pass. In fact, if you've been following along with all previous Blockbusters, you'll unlock a special skin as well. Below, we'll recap the challenges for Week 7, reveal the secret Battle Star location and show off that awesome skin.


fortnite blockbuster week 7 loading screen
There’s a concealed star on top of the pod in the background. Epic Games /Fortnite BULL @ YouTube

Just like all previous Blockbuster Challenges, you must complete all of this week's challenges to reveal the location of the hidden Battle Star. We've listed them below, along with links to relevant guides.

  • Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents (250)
  • Search Chests in Risky Reels (seven)
  • Consume Hop Rocks, Apples or Mushrooms (20)
  • Score a goal on different pitches (five) [Guide]
  • Follow the Treasure Map in Pleasant Park (Hard) [Guide]
  • Assault Rifle Eliminations (five) [Hard]
  • Eliminate opponents in Shifty Shafts (three) [Hard]

Once you do everything on that list, you'll see the loading screen shown above. It's very hard to see, but there's a star located on top of the pod in the background.


With that clue in mind, you need to go where those pods came from. Head to the direct center of Dusty Divot and pick up the Battle Star from atop the broken meteorite. The location looks like this.

fortnite blockbuster week 7 battle star location
Go to Dusty Divot and grab your free tier. Epic Games /Fortnite BULL @ YouTube


If you've managed to collect all the Blockbuster Battle Stars and complete their associated challenges, you'll unlock this sweet skin. It's called the Visitor, and it comes with the Offworld Rig Back Bling. The head has four different customizable styles as well.

Fortnite the Visitor skin
If you’ve completed every Blockbuster Challenge, you’ll unlock the Visitor skin and Offworld Rig back Bling. Epic Games

If you like what you see, take a look at our previous Blockbuster guides and get going on completing those challenges.

That's all there is to know about Fortnite's Blockbuster Challenge and its unique skin.

Fortnite is in early access across PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and iOS. The Blockbuster Challenge is identical across all platforms.

Were you able to complete Fortnite's Week 7 Blockbuster challenge? Did you unlock the Visitor skin? Tell us in the comments section!

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