'Fortnite' Xbox Crashing, Freezing or Not Working After 6.0 Patch, Epic Responds

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved. Expect extended queue times while many players try to crash the servers at once. Original article is below.


Fortnite players on Xbox One are having trouble launching the game after installing Thursday's 6.0 Season 6 update. Epic has responded to reports via an official tweet, but there is no fix available at the time of publish.

Issues began shortly after Fortnite 's 6.0 update went live Thursday morning, and they range from the game crashing, freezing or not working altogether. In most cases the game locks up while attempting to log in or shortly thereafter. The first official update arrived around 6:30 a.m. EDT, when representatives from the development team at Epic Games tweeted that they are "investigating an increase in crashes on Xbox." The studio has promised to reveal more details as they become available.

While today's Fortnite crashes on Xbox are far from the first major flaw Epic has been forced to patch on-the-fly, these issues couldn't have cropped up at a worse time. With the start of Season 6, fans are supposed to be digging into the new map and unlocking cool skins on the latest Battle Pass. If you're on Microsoft's console, however, it appears you're lucky if you're able to boot Fortnite at all. In just under an hour, an official thread on the Battle Royale subreddit has received nearly 200 comments from annoyed players. It would appear the shortcomings are fairly widespread.

Fortnite Season 6 begins a brand-new Battle Pass, adds several points of interest to the Battle Royale map and introduces the movement-focused Shadow Stones consumable to PvP. Players can also purchase Pets for their characters and embark on new quests in Save the World PvE. You can learn more about Fortnite 's 6.0 update by reading the patch notes.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile. Most issues related to crashing or freezing seem limited to Xbox One.

Is Fortnite working for you on Xbox One? Have you found a workaround for crashing or freezing? Tell us in the comments section!