'Such a Great Foster Mama': Dog Adopts Abandoned Kitten as One of Her Own

Heart-warming footage of an abandoned kitten being doted on by a dog and her litter of puppies has surfaced on social media.

In a video shared to TikTok by Lucero Hernandez Vil who, according to her bio, is from North California, the tiny cat can be seen being nursed back to health by her human carer. The beginning of the video includes the comment, "My Yorkie had a kitty."

She's not the only one on hand to provide some much needed TLC though, with the clip also showing her dog and her four pups playing a role in helping the feline back to full health.

Hernandez Vil explained that the kitten's "mom got scared off by dogs" and had abandoned the tiny feline.

Her video has already been viewed over 16 million times, with fans quick to note the bond blossoming between the kitten and puppies.

A dog licking a kitten.
Stock image of a dog licking a kitten. Heart-warming footage of an abandoned kitten being doted on by a dog and her litter of puppies has surfaced on social media. Arkadova/Getty

But while it's often assumed that cats and dogs are polar opposites in the world of pets, they actually share some surprising similarities.

For one thing, both cats and dogs form emotional attachments to their owners. Otherwise known as "secure attachment," studies have found that felines, much like canines, feel calmer and more secure in the presence of their human companions.

In a study conducted by researchers from the University of Oregon, 70 cats were placed in an unfamiliar setting with their owner. After two minutes their owner left the room before returning two minutes later.

Researchers found that 64.3 percent of the cats tested greeted their owner upon their return. Once they were back, the cats also proceeded to split their time between exploring the room and seeking attention from their human companion.

This, the study surmised, was a clear indication of "secure attachment."

The kitten in the video certainly appears to have made a good first impression. While the momma dog is shown affectionately sniffing at the tiny feline, the puppies go one step further, snuggling up to their newly adopted sibling in a cozy-looking cardboard box decked out in comfy blankets.

The video ends with the mom dog dishing out a few affectionate licks, with Hernandez Vil's caption reading: "she loves her so much."

Fans were quick to flood the video's comments section with praise for the pet pooch's adorable parenting skills. LadyBugg said she was "such a great foster mama" while Madlionsdude wrote: "It's so cute and I can't believe that the dog would actually bring in the kitten."

Abstract Life thought the whole thing was "extremely cute" with Stiffler97 commenting: "animals are amazing. I had a female cat that fed a puppy."

Bizarrely, some appeared to believe the dog had somehow given birth to a cat. Rebecca Asquith admitted the video had her "Googling can dogs have kittens" and now she feels stupid. "Google says genetically impossible," she added. "Hope no one checks my history."

Jenna Brown was similarly duped, writing: "I graduated with Honors and still believed this" while a user posting as _._.._.._._.._.._ confessed: "I'm embarrassed to say I believed it till I looked in the comments."

According to an update from Hernandez Vil, despite a difficult start, the young kitten is now fighting fit.

Newsweek has contacted Lucero Hernandez Vil for comment.