4-Year-Old Girl Catches Deadly Infection After Trying on New Shoes Barefoot

Sienna Rasul, 4, developed deadly sepsis from trying on shoes without wearing socks. Jodie Thomas Facebook

A young girl in the U.K. developed deadly sepsis from trying on new shoes without wearing socks last month.

Sienna Rasul, 4, fell ill one day after she went to the store and tried on different shoes while barefoot. After she was rushed to hospital, doctors diagnosed Rasul with sepsis and attributed its cause to the bacteria in the shoes.

Sepsis—a potentially life-threatening complication—is caused by the body's overwhelming response to infection. Doctors claim that bacteria potentially entered Rasul's body through an open wound on her foot.

Jodie Thomas, 26, Rasul's mother, posted several images of Rasul's foot to Facebook while in hospital, warning other parents of the dangers of trying on new shoes while barefooted.

"For all parents please put socks on your children while trying new shoes on. I'm guilty not doing it for mine and myself, but this can be the outcome; infection spreading throughout the body," she wrote. "You don't don't know whose feet have been in them before hand!

"Sienna has had one hell of an outing and thankfully, and touch wood, made a full recovery! Who would [have] thought trying new shoes on could make somone so ill. So with back to school shopping under way, carry a pair of spare socks!"

Rasul started crying in pain one day after the shopping trip late last month, The Sun reported. At the Prince Charles Hospital in Wales, the doctor noticed the infection immediately.

"By the next day it had spread up her leg and her temperature was raging," Thomas said. "I drove her straight into hospital, she was shaking and twitching—it was horrible to see my little girl like that.

"They said it was sepsis and thought they would have to operate," she continued. "But the doctors have managed to drain all the pus from her leg and say the anti-biotic drip will do the job."

Rasul reportedly spent five days being treated in hospital accompanied by Thomas. "I was really shocked when the doctors said it was from trying on new shoes," Thomas said. "I've been worried sick, they've had to drain all the poison from her leg.

"Normally she would have socks on but it's summertime so she was wearing sandals. The shoes she liked had been tried on by other little girls and that's how Sienna picked up the infection."

According to Mayo Clinic, Sepsis occurs when chemicals which are "released into the bloodstream to fight the infection trigger inflammatory responses throughout the body. This inflammation can trigger a cascade of changes that can damage multiple organ systems, causing them to fail."