Fourth of July Flight Over L.A. Shows 'Beautiful' Fireworks Displays

"No one wants to see your firework video" was the caption given to a TikTok video which so far has 3.2 million views.

Shared to the video-streaming site by Braden Rindlisbacher on July 6, we can see footage of an apparent flight into Los Angeles on the Fourth of July—and it looks so stunning that the tongue-in-cheek caption proves this clip is an exception.

The video shows the city skyline all lit up, with the short flashes of the many fireworks displays making the scene sparkle.

Text overlaying Rindlisbacher's footage reads "This is what flying into Los Angeles on the 4th looks like," alongside a pair-of-eyes emoji.

He has also included the hashtags: "#foryou #4th #4thofjuly #weekendtrip #losangeles #california #fireworks."

Aside from the 3.2 million views, the video also has more than 568,600 likes.

Many people have rushed to the comments section to share their views of the magical scene.

TikTok user, DC, wrote: "I flew into Los Angeles tonight too. It was beautiful to see."

Another person, Harleyy, added: "This view is amazing! The video deserves interaction."

User194048 commented: "Y'all saying oh it's not celebrating the 4th of July but you just coincidently got together, partied and had red, white and blue fireworks."

Kelli Reyna added: "I love the 4th in LA. The fireworks in some neighborhoods are better than Disney."

An account by the name of User5249606264988 explained: "Proud resident of California, the best state in country.

"I'm only worried about fires, seeing fireworks. Most haters wish they could live here!"

User64926301046830 revealed: "I always wanted to go on a plane on the Fourth of July."

In Los Angeles County, only a select few areas are allowed to have "safe & sane" fireworks displays, although officials have said they are still a danger due to the fact they burn at over 1,200 F.

This, combined with the hot and dry weather conditions, means they could result in wildfires.

In the city of L.A., fireworks are prohibited except for professional displays, but this clearly didn't stop people lighting up the sky as the video shows.

Last week, ahead of the public holiday L.A. County Fire Department Chief Daryl Osby said: "They're explosives. They're dangerous."

At a news conference Chief Mike Richwine of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said: "The conditions are dry and ready to burn and all it takes is a single firework or a single spark."

He also added: "California public safety agencies have a zero tolerance for the transportation, sale and use of illegal fireworks."

Newsweek have contacted Braden Rindlisbacher for comment.

Fireworks in the sky
A stock image of fireworks in the sky. A video of TikTok shows the many fireworks displays happening in L.A. on the Fourth of July. Getty Images

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