4th of July: Which Banks and Stock Markets Are Open? Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo and More

Thinking about heading down to the bank while you have some time off? Think again. Banks in America have a long and complicated history with the 4th

The stock exchanges close on Independence Day, July 4, 2019. Brendan McDermid/Reuters

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, to finance the American Revolution the Continental Congress printed the new nation's first paper money known as "continentals." From this, inflation rose rapidly as the war progressed, and people lost faith in the notes. This is where the phrase "not worth a continental" came to mean "utterly worthless," according to the bank.

After the Revolutionary War ended, the nation had substantial debt. There was no common currency, as many states printed their own money. These were two of the chief financial problems facing the nation's founders around the time the Constitution was written. Alexander Hamilton thought having the federal government take over the states' war debts would be a good way to fix these problems while also establishing federal power preeminent over that of the states, another of his goals.

This was the beginning of the Federal Reserve. The Bank of the United States was conceived in 1790. Hamilton modeled it after the Bank of England and had a start-up capital of $10 million. His main goal was to create a commercial bank, as there were no banks in the colonies, and lend money to new businesses to develop the nation's economy. This slightly differs from the Federal Bank today, as it doesn't offer commercial loans.

Alexander Hamilton's creation lives on today, which is quite fitting to celebrate on Independence Day.

What banks are open on Independence Day?

Bank of America: Branches of this bank will be closed for Independence Day.

Chase Bank: This bank is closed for the Fourth of July.

Wells Fargo: Branches of this bank will be closed for the Federal holiday.

Citigroup: Don't turn out to do business today, as these branches will be closed.

Bank of the West: Branches will be closed on Independence Day.

BMO Harris Bank: Families and friend of these workers will be happy as BMO Harris closed for Independence Day.

SunTrust: This Fourth of July the banks will be closed.

HSBC USA: Banks will be closed for Independence Day.

Comerica Bank: Branches will be closed on July 4, 2019.

NYSE: The market closed early on July 3, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Independence Day is observed on July 4.

NASDAQ: The market will close for Independence Day, and will be back open on July 5.

SIFMA: The exchange will be closed for Independence Day.