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YouTuber FouseyTube Deletes Twitter, YouTube Videos

Yousef  “FouseyTube” Saleh Eraka has deleted his YouTube, Twitter and Instagram posts, eliminating hours of content from his feed. In mid-July, the YouTuber attempted to hold an event called “Hate Dies, Love Arrives” that was shut down by the police after a bomb threat at the venue. He promised that another event would take place on Aug.15 at the Staples Center, but that did not happen.

The whole event, from the moment Fousey had the inspiration, to when he started screaming on the top of a car, was captured by fellow YouTuber Keemstar for his channel DramaAlert. In the third part of the “documentary series,” Fousey has a sit down with Keem that is cringe-worthy. Fousey seems erratic and uncontrollable, bouncing all over the room and spouting his plans for the even bigger concert. His biggest claim was that he would appear on stage with performer J.Cole at his August show.

“If I am not on that stage, I promise you, to walk away from YouTube, my whole acting career, me doing what I want to do in life. I'll live in isolation, and no one will hear from me ever again," Fousey said.

Keem, who has a drama channel to run, accepted Fousey’s proposition. When the day finally came, and Fousey had continued to upload content, Keem shared his thoughts on Twitter When Fousey deleted his channel, Keem was quick to acknowledge what happened. There’s no real clue as to why his socials were deleted, it may have been because of Keem, internet harassment or something else entirely.

Fousey’s fans have watched him do some fairly bizarre things over the past few weeks. A few days after the end of his event, he appeared on the No Jumper podcast, screaming and shouting about what could have happened and the speech he planned to give at his event.

Most recently, TMZ found “Rose” on the street in a brand new Range Rover, giving out pairs of Air Jordans. “I went to four J. Cole concerts,” Rose said. “I was this close to being on stage. I know a lot of people thought that if I don’t do it I’m moving out the country, I’m going to tell that story on my channel very soon.”

He decided that he wanted to be called “Rose”, changing his bios across all social media platforms. FaZe Banks, another popular but controversial YouTuber, said in Keem’s videos that Fousey seems to be going “through a manic episode” and all of this attention isn’t helping. Either way, time away from social media will only help him and could potentially end this confusing streak of erratic behavior.   

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