FouseyTube Event Shut Down After Bomb Threat: What Happened?

A YouTuber fan event started by Yousef Saleh "FouseyTube" Erakat, was shut down by Los Angeles police on Sunday. Organizers of the free "Hate Dies, Love Arrives" concert were forced to evacuate an estimated 1,500 people from the Greek Theatre due to a bomb threat. No device was found on the premises, suggesting Saleh may have been the victim of a "swatting" attack.

Saleh gained fame with his prank videos and has more than one million subscribers on the platform.. Fans deemed the concert "FouseyCon," due to hasty planning, similar to the recent controversial YouTuber convention, TanaCon.

The convention was planned in just about week, with Fousey first mentioning the show on Twitter on July 6. The content creator pushed his July 15 event, asking for "energy" from fans to make the concert great. Tickets for the event were free and sold out within minutes; social media was ablaze with speculation as to what was going to happen. Fousey promised "great things" and said on Twitter that he was trying to get Drake to perform at the event, even putting his face on the flyers. The YouTuber later clarified on Twitter that Drake would only show up if the stream had 2 million concurrent viewers on YouTube.

Other influencers, like Adam22, Keemstar and FaZe Banks, agreed to attend and hype up the event. In an interview with Adam22, Fousey said the event was made to "squash beef" and spread positivity. Keemstar, host of YouTube's DramaAlert, offered to record the whole event for a documentary on his channel.

Once July 15 rolled around, the event started out much better than TanaCon. More than a thousand eager fans filled the venue in the Griffith Park, and were met by proper security, as well as access to food and beverages. However, before the first few performances by Dax and Lil Poppy were finished, security and event staff abruptly asked attendees to leave the stage and venue. Police later said a caller reported an explosive device at the theater, dispatching the bomb squad and K-9 unit to search the grounds. In an interview with ABC 7 Los Angeles, Sgt. David Armas said "no actual device was located, but due to the direct threat the venue should be evacuated."

Police instructed fans to leave the venue, though many lingered around the area. Fousey was stuck outside his own event, making an Instagram video explaining his situation. "We're just being tested right now," he said in the clip. "I'm here for a reason. People said I sounded crazy, but if God's message makes me sound crazy, then maybe I am."

As chaos unfolded, Fousey jumped on top of a car and began preaching to his fans. Surrounded by a crowd, Fousey smokes a blunt, starts screaming at Keemstar and attempts to save the night with a heartfelt speech.

"Fousey did all this to prove the 'positive power of the human spirit,' and then the event got shut down by a bomb threat within 45 minutes of starting," Adam22 said in his vlog. "It really proves that people are more inherently evil."

After the event, Fousey took a day away from social media, only to jump back on Instagram and claim he was already planning "Hate Dies, Love Arrives 2" at the Staples Center. He released a diss track music video and also made another appearance on a three-hour-long No Jumper podcast with YouTuber Shane Dawson, where dismissed the notion the event a failure. "I see this as a giant success, because the whole movement continued. We're not just going to go our separate ways."