Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Calls Senate GOP 'Traitors,' 'Cowards' For Opposing Trump Tariffs: 'Committing Absolute Suicide'

Fox Business Network anchor Lou Dobbs called Senate Republicans "traitors" and "cowards" on Tuesday for opposing the tariffs that President Donald Trump has threatened against Mexico.

"I fear for the Republic," the host declared during a segment on Lou Dobbs Tonight. "The Republican Party [in Congress]... is being led by cowards."

Dobbs went on to accuse GOP senators of working for corporate interests rather than the American people and being afraid that Trump "will do exactly what he was voted in to do."

"That is, to shut down illegal immigration and secure our southern border," he continued. "To force Mexico to stop the illegal immigration that the chamber of horrors desires for its members. The chambers' demands of the Senate prove just how afraid big business really is of President Trump as tonight he is on the verge of winning both a trade war and resolving the national emergency that he declared only four months ago."

GOP senators earlier on Tuesday declared opposition to Trump's threat to slap tariffs on all goods entering America from Mexico. Just hours after the president declared that Capitol Hill would be "foolish" to try and block the move, the Republicans sent a sharp message to the White House, warning the Trump administration that they were nearly unanimously opposed to the plan.

Dobbs condemned Senate Republicans for the defiance. "The Republican Party in the Senate appears to be on the verge of committing absolute suicide," he said. "The tragedy is they may well take this great Republic down with them."

"President Donald Trump stands between them and the making of what will really be a national disaster if these GOP senators in the Senate have their way," Dobbs added.

The graphic below, provided by Statista, illustrates the biggest trading partners of the U.S.

U.S. Top Trading Partners
Biggest trading partners of the U.S. Statista

Republican campaign consultant and adviser Ed Rollins joined Dobbs in the studio to offer his criticisms of Republicans in the Senate. "This president has to be able to stand tough with Mexico as he's doing. He has to get them to pay attention... and all of a sudden you have a message coming out that's saying, 'we might not support the president's tariff programs," Rollins said. "[Trump] is the Republican Party today. This is the time for them to stand tough with him because he's doing what's for the best interest of this country, what he promised the country."

"It's appalling. It is an utterly dispiriting moment in our history," Dobbs added, before accusing Senate Republicans of "working against the interests of the president and all of you who voted for them."

Later on the show, Dobbs doubled down on his criticisms of the senators. "A picture says... 10,000 words," he said as the network aired a clip of Republican leaders, including Sen. Mitch McConnell, at the U.S. Senate GOP conference. "They are reprehensible in what they're doing. Their families have to understand what traitors they are to their conference, to their party and to the country."

GOP senators expressed their disapproval of Trump's tariff threats in a private lunch on Tuesday with White House and Justice Department officials. After the president threatened the measure last week, a White House statement declared that the first round of tariffs — 5 percent on all goods imported — will start on June 10.

Lou Dobbs Fox
Fox Business' Lou Dobbs called Senate Republicans "traitors" and "cowards" on Tuesday for opposing President Donald Trump's tariffs. Fox Business Screenshot

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