'Fox & Friends' Host Defends Obama, Says Former President and Biden 'Delivered Health Care in Remarkable Fashion'

Fox & Friends co-host Griff Jenkins defended Barack Obama on Saturday morning by reminding viewers that the former president and Joe Biden "delivered health care in remarkable fashion," after Democratic presidential candidates attacked the Obama administration's record during the second debates earlier this week.

Jenkins and his Fox & Friends co-hosts Jedediah Bila and Pete Hegseth on Fox News discussed the attacks against Obama during the debate on Wednesday evening in Detroit. Bila kicked off the chat by reading a tweet posted by Biden on Friday, expressing his "surprise" at "all of the attacks on President Obama's record at the" debate.

"The Obama-Biden Administration passed Obamacare, led the world on combating climate change, and saved our economy from the brink of disaster," the 2020 Democratic frontrunner added. "He was a great president. We don't say that enough."

Commenting on Biden's remarks, Bila noted that "obviously" Obama took "a lot of heat on deportations" and "healthcare" during the debate. "I think President Obama was sitting at home probably saying, 'Wait, hold on a second progressives, I thought you liked me, I thought I was the popular guy for a minute, at one point he was the fan of so many progressives around the country," the host continued. "Looks like not so much anymore."

"That's a good point, in fact there was an earlier fundraiser email that I got, saying 'Get your sticker, Obamacare was a BFD'," Jenkins said.

"Remember, he delivered healthcare in remarkable fashion," he continued. "But now what the left, what Warren and Sanders are saying, is we're going to take away your private insurance, we're going to decriminalize the border, and Barack Obama wasn't that great of a guy after all, we need to go way further."

Jenkins added: "I'm not sure that that's a strategy that's gaining a lot of steam."

A day after Wednesday's Democratic debate, Biden told reporters in Detroit that he was surprised at the "degree of the criticism" levied against Obama, adding that he thought it was "bizarre."

"I was a little surprised at how much incoming there was about Barack, about the president... I don't think there's anything he has to apologize for," the former president said on Thursday. "The world has changed since Obama. And here's the deal. This is about the future. It's about taking the same kind of integrity and moving beyond it."

Biden added: "By the time we ended the president's term ended, he was able to begin to focus on ways to not just keeping the car from going over the cliff and us going into depression, he was able to begin to focus, and he focused on immigration. And what he did was serious. He changed the dialogue, he changed the whole question, he changed what was going on."

The former vice president continued to defend Obama's legacy on Saturday during an appearance in Nevada alongside 18 Democratic rivals. "I'm against any Democrat who wants to get rid of Obamacare," the 76-year-old politician said at the event.

Fox & Friends co-host Griff Jenkins defended former president Barack Obama on Saturday morning, saying the pair "delivered health care in a remarkable fashion." Fox News/Screenshot