Fox News Plays Montage Mocking Pundits' Predictions of Blue Wave in 2020 Election

Fox mocked Democrats today by playing a montage of pundits predicting a blue wave in the 2020 election.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden was expected to lead a blue wave—but things did not pan out that way and the conservative television network took some joy in mocking their liberal counterparts.

The Biden campaign had high hopes of flipping historically red states such as Georgia and Texas. But those assumed blue advantages started to fade away as those states called for Trump; first Iowa, then Texas, Ohio and Georgia.

Even the early called state of Arizona is currently in contention as the vote is ongoing there.

On Fox and Friends on Thursday, anchors shared a montage of several pundits predicting a blue wave in assumptions and estimates that did not end up coming true.

Election 2020 sign
A protester is holding a Count Every Vote sign during protesting against racism and issues with the presidential election after in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 4, 2020. - Democrats and Republicans girded November 4 for a legal showdown to decide the winner of the tight presidential race between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. KEREM YUCEL/Getty Images

Appearing on the program, The Hill media reporter Joe Concha spoke of the "shy Trump" voter as a reasons for why there was such an upset at the poll predictions.

"I saw a poll, I think it was about a month or two ago and that many people are afraid to share their political affiliations with anybody, even if it is just a random person over the phone because they are afraid of some sort of consequences around that and we've seen cancel culture actually take these people out," Concha told Fox and Friends.

"Why does this happen? Is it to create an illusion that perhaps that Joe Biden had this huge lead and why bother going out. It's almost like a psychological suppression of votes in these situations to say, Ok, look Joe Biden is up 17 in Wisconsin, why even bother? Right. These are the consequences as a result."

Another Rupert Murdoch owned publication, The New York Post, ran a front-page story today about the wrong polls.

"Their predictions weren't just wrong—but often wildly so. As of Wednesday morning, Biden had a mere 1.9 percentage-point lead over Trump; the prez had a good chance of prevailing overall in electoral votes," the piece reads.

Despite reporting on the lack of a predicted blue wave, Fox News itself has come under heavy scrutiny for being the first to call Arizona in favor of Biden, leading many to boycott the channel in favor of Newsmax.

On Wednesday night, a crowd of around 200 people packed the parking lot outside of the Maricopa County Election Center in Arizona chanting "Fox News Sucks."