Fox Host Compares Undocumented Immigrants to Nazis: 'We Have Been Invaded By a Horde'

A Fox host claimed on Wednesday that the United States has "been invaded" by "a rampaging horde" of undocumented immigrants and likened them to Nazis.

Todd Starnes, the host of his namesake radio show on Fox Nation, the conservative network's subscription streaming service, said The New York Times published a "nasty hit job on those of us who work here at the Fox News corner of the world." Starnes was referring to a piece published by the newspaper on Sunday with the headline, "How the El Paso Killer Echoed the Incendiary Words of Conservative Media Stars."

Starnes explained that The Times stated that the El Paso mass shooter echoed some of the words that Fox News personalities have used, and owned up to it.

"Specifically it's a word that I've been using for years now about what's happening at our border and I do believe that we have been invaded," Starnes said, "That we have been invaded by a horde, a rampaging horde, of illegal aliens."

Starnes continued that "this has been a slow-moving invasion," and that he believes "that is a fair description of what we have suffered here in this country," because the U.S. has spent "billions and billions of our tax dollars taking care of the illegals."

The radio host then said American families have been victims of crimes by illegal aliens, who are not all violent but "a good many are."

"When you go back in time and when you look at what an invasion is, whether it's the Nazis invading France and western Europe," Starnes said, "Whether the Muslims were invading a country back in the early years, it was an invasion."

Starnes went on to explain what his definition of an invasion is: "Well when you have one group of people, it doesn't matter if its 25 or if it's 25,000, but when you have one group of people crossing the border of another country without that country's permission, in my estimation that is in fact what we would call an invasion."

He concluded that "people used to fight wars over stuff like that."

Fox's Todd Starnes compares undocumented immigrants to the Nazis, claiming "we have been invaded by a horde, a rampaging horde, of illegal aliens"

— Jason Campbell (@JasonSCampbell) August 14, 2019

The Times' review found that the El Paso gunman's manifesto contained words like "invasion" that are commonly used by right-wing media members. The newspaper quoted Starnes as saying in May 2017, "They used to call that an invasion. And they used to fight wars over stuff like that. But these days it's a voter registration drive for the D.N.C. [Democratic National Convention]."

Starnes made it clear on his radio show that he believes undocumented immigrants are invading the U.S., and illustrated it with a Nazi comparison.

American author Molly Jong-Fast remarked about Starnes, "Omg, Who is this monster."

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