Fox Nation Host Predicts 'Civil War' And 'Major Uprising' If Democrats Continue To Pass Gun Laws

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren warned that Democrats can expect "civil war" and a "major uprising" if they continue to try to pass gun control measures.

Lahren made the remarks on the Thursday edition of her show on Fox Nation, Final Thoughts. The pundit delivered an impassioned plea against gun control, directed largely at Democratic Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who declared a state of emergency on Wednesday after receiving "credible intelligence" that violence could occur during a gun rights rally planned for Monday.

"Listen, Northam is clearly concerned about a major uprising and he should be," said Lahren. "This is exactly what happens when you start going after people's rights. Mayhem."

An executive order to temporarily ban guns at the state capitol accompanied the emergency declaration. The credibility of a potential threat was bolstered when the FBI arrested three men Thursday with links to white supremacist groups who were allegedly planning to attend the rally with violent intentions. A second group of three men with links to the same group were arrested Friday.

Gun advocates were less than pleased with Northam's temporary ban, which is set to last from Friday to Tuesday. The ban was upheld after a court challenge on Thursday.

"I took this action to protect Virginians from credible threats of violence," said Northam in a statement after the court ruling. "These threats are real—as evidenced by reports of neo-Nazis arrested this morning after discussing plans to head to Richmond with firearms."

Tomi Lahren
Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren speaking at Politicon on October 21, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Michael S. Schwartz/Getty

Lahren acknowledged the threat but pinned the blame on Northam and other Democrats attempting to pass gun control measures. She referenced several recent gun control attempts by Virginia lawmakers, suggesting they were part of a covert plan to achieve an outright ban.

"Sure, these reigning Virginia Democrats say they aren't going to go door-to-door and take anyone's guns," said Lahren. "They say their proposals are just 'common sense gun safety.' They are lying. We know what the Democrats want to do."

A montage of several current and past Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination was shown, featuring the candidates making a variety of comments on gun control. Former candidate Beto O'Rourke was the only person shown in the clips to advocate gun confiscation, but Lahren used the video to bolster her claim that Democrats have hidden motives to generally take guns away from people.

"The only difference between these gun control Democrats is how quickly they want to take your guns," Lahren said. "Some want to chip away at your rights and others want to trick you into thinking that you'll be happy with just a few more laws and regulations. Either way, it's a trap."

Lahren finished her segment by cautioning that a civil war could break out if Democrats do not heed her warning. She said she doesn't advocate in favor of gun demonstrations becoming "anything other than peaceful," but emphasized that violence was the inevitable result of politicians "encroaching" on gun rights.

"Some people will respond peacefully, and others will not. You start a confiscation or 'mandatory buy-back,' and you'll have a civil war in this country," said Lahren.

The Virginia state Senate passed a trio of gun control measures on Thursday, including one that would ban possession of guns in public spaces without a permit. None of the new laws are aimed at the mass confiscation of guns.