Fox News Guests Query COVID 'Sacrifices' of Bill Gates Who Donated $1.6 Billion to Vaccines

Financial analyst and Fox News contributor Charles Payne attacked Microsoft founder Bill Gates for not making any sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic after he said the shutting down of businesses was necessary to help further stop the spread of infection.

Payne appeared on Fox & Friends as a guest to discuss the repeated closure of bars and restaurants across the country as the U.S. deals with the virus which has now killed more than 300,000 people.

During the show, a clip from CNN anchor Jake Tapper's interview with Gates was played in which he described the closure of bars and restaurants as "appropriate."

"Trade-offs will have to be made," Gates said. "The next four to six months really call on us to do our best because we can see that this will end."

After the clip finished, host Steve Doocy informed viewers that the billionaire believes that lockdown restrictions could continue until 2022.

"What's his problem?" asked co-host Steve Kilmeade.

"Here's a question for Bill Gates, what sacrifices has he made?" asked Payne.

"None," was Kilmeade's quick response.

Payne went on to attack Gates for his vast amounts of wealth despite still giving away large amounts of money.

"His wealth gets to grow exponentially while small business owners—maybe folks who have saved up maybe 20 or 30 years, saved up, scrapped, sacrificed—finally open up the business of their dreams and he willy nilly says 'it's a sacrifice we have to make.'"

Payne also accuses Gates of being a "globalist" who doesn't understand what it is like to be poor and criticized his push for a worldwide vaccine program for COVID-19.

"In his mind the greater good is the planet, and for most people watching the show right now, we always believe if you save America ultimately you save the world."

As noted by Mediate, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced in June that it will be pledging $1.6 billion to deliver lifesaving vaccines to the world's poorest countries as well as to mitigate consequences of COVID-19.

The Gates Foundation also committed $100 million to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and their efforts to purchase COVID-19 vaccines for lower income countries through a new COVID-19 Vaccine Advance Market Commitment.

"To beat the COVID-19 pandemic, the world needs more than breakthrough science. It needs breakthrough generosity. And that's what we're seeing today as leaders across the public and private sectors are stepping up to support Gavi—especially Prime Minister [Boris] Johnson," Gates said in a statement.

"When COVID-19 vaccines are ready, this funding and global coordination will ensure that people all over the world will be able to access them."

Bill Gates
In this screengrab, Bill Gates speaks during All In WA: A Concert For COVID-19 Relief on June 24, 2020 in Washington Getty Images for All In WA/Getty