Fox News Host Claims Media Coverage of Trump Impeachment Inquiry Is Emboldening the President's Supporters

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade said on Saturday that media coverage of the impeachment hearing against President Donald Trump has done little more than strengthen the resolve of his supporters.

Kilmeade, who is a regular host of the weekday morning show, Fox & Friends, made the remarks Saturday morning on another Fox News program, Watters' World. Kilmeade's words, as reported by Mediaite, were given as a response to a statement made by host Jesse Watters, who said that citizens do not trust what they hear from the media about impeachment.

"And the thing is, Jesse, they don't follow [impeachment] like we follow it," Kilmeade said. "We follow it every day."

Further, Kilmeade said that in his travels around the country, promoting his most recent book, Sam Houston & the Alamo Avengers, he has found that people he talks to have not had their opinions of the president changed by the impeachment hearing.

"I go to Oklahoma, go to Nebraska, go to Texas, [and] they're not following it," he said. "So they don't get upset. They're not changing their minds. In fact, when they view it, it has made the Trump supporters more determined. It made the ambivalent Trump supporters more determined because they see an unfairness to it."

Also on the program with Watters and Kilmeade Saturday was Deroy Murdock, a Fox News contributor and writer for the National Review. Murdock concurred that a majority of people who supported the president before the impeachment hearings began were so far undeterred in their support for him.

"I think the last survey I saw [reported that] something like 90 to 95 percent of Republicans are supporting Trump and are behind him after the impeachment thing," Murdock said. "They see him being victimized over nothing—over a call that might be a bit unusual, but nothing illegal or impeachable in the view of an increasing number of people."

Murdock's words appeared to echo some recent polls. And, as Kilmeade alluded to, the impeachment hearing does not appear to have done much damage to the president's reputation among much of the Republican Party and his most devoted supporters.

For example, a CNN poll conducted between November 21 and 24, and released November 26, found that just 10 percent of Republicans believed the president should be impeached for his July phone call with the president of Ukraine; while 89 percent still approved of his job performance. Another poll from Ipsos, the results of which were released November 27, found that 79 percent of registered Republican voters believed that what the president did was not worthy of impeachment.

Murdock said that this reaction was not what the Democrats expected, and implied that the impeachment inquiry had the opposite effect of turning the president's supporters against him.

"So this has absolutely boomeranged in their faces," Murdock concluded.

Brian Kilmeade
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 11: Brian Kilmeade attends the "Fox & Friends" naturalization ceremony for Veterans Day at Fox News Channel Studios on November 11, 2019 in New York City. Roy Rochlin/Getty Images/Getty