Fox News Contributor Mike Huckabee: Michelle Obama's Book Tour Is 'A Ringing Endorsement For the Trump Economy'

Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee on Sunday called former first lady Michelle Obama's book tour "a ringing endorsement for the Trump economy" during an appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend.

"Former first lady Michelle Obama heading to New Jersey as part of her Becoming: An Intimate Conversation multi-city tour, and it isn't cheap," co-host Jedediah Bila said, during a segment on the show on Sunday morning.

Co-host Pete Hegseth added: "Folks are reportedly shelling out $1,300 for floor seats, with the most expensive suite going for more than four grand."

Huckabee, who previously served as the 44th governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007, praised Obama for "practising capitalism in the private sector."

"I say why the heck not," he said. "My speeches never get $4,200 a ticket, but for $4.20 I'll speak in a Holiday Inn breakfast room and everybody just has to share their eggs and biscuits with me. That's all they gotta do."

"But seriously, why not? Why shouldn't she go out there?" Huckabee added. "But it's a ringing endorsement for the Trump economy, because now there are a lot more people who can afford those tickets than could when her husband was president."

Bila went on to praise Obama as "a force" for the Democratic party. "She has such a likeability, she's so popular with so many people," she said, before asking Huckabee whether he thinks she'll make an appearance in 2020.

"Let's say it's Joe Biden, I almost feel like it might be more valuable to have her front and center than to even have President Obama front and center for him," Bila added.

In response, Huckabee said his "greatest fear" is that the Democrats will realize they don't have anyone that can beat Trump in 2020 and they'll "bring her out and she becomes the candidate."

"That would be a concern because she is immensely popular, she's very articulate, and frankly in person, she's a very charming individual," he continued. "I think she would be that candidate that would scare the daylights out of everybody."

"I agree," Bila said.

Huckabee's remarks come after several news sites reported on the price of tickets for Obama's upcoming book tour. According to the New York Post, the less expensive seats for her "Moderated Conversation" event at the Prudential Center in Newark on November 3 are currently being sold for $144 on Ticketmaster, an American ticket sales and distribution company. Some floors seats were reportedly priced up to $1,300, with the most expensive suite-level ducat at $4,200.

Earlier this week, Obama's former chief White House speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz told People that the former first lady wrote the famous line "When they go low, we go high."

"I did not write that line — she came up with it. My contribution was typing it," she said. "I feel very guilty when people give me credit for it, her line."

Hurwitz added: "You know, she lives by that. At this time, which is just such a difficult time, to see someone whose life is an embodiment of 'When they go low, we go high,' it is so uplifting. It is such a joy, and I think people are so drawn to that."

Mike Huckabee
Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee on Sunday called former first lady Michelle Obama's book tour a "ringing endorsement for the Trump economy" during an appearance on the network. Fox News/Screenshot