Fox News Correspondent Bemoans Immigrants Knowing Their Rights When Confronted by ICE: 'Makes it Harder' to Arrest

Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins bemoaned that undocumented immigrants knowing their rights makes it harder for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to make arrests while speaking on Fox & Friends on Thursday.

Jenkins appeared on the morning show to discuss his recent reporting in the Los Angeles County, California, where he accompanied ICE agents as they attempted to make arrests. Los Angeles declared itself a sanctuary city earlier this year. The state already had a law, Senate Bill 54, which prevents state and local law enforcement agencies from using "money or personnel to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes."

"How damaging is it that they put -- all these lawmakers in California -- put out a how to avoid being arrested by ICE video?" Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Jenkins after playing footage of Jenkins' reporting from Los Angeles County.

Kilmeade did not say exactly what video he is referring to. California Governor Gavin Newsom posted a video in June offering instructions about the rights of undocumented immigrants and what they must do if ICE agents come to their door. ICE agents must have a signed search warrant or permission to enter a residence.

"Makes it a lot harder, Brian, because as you saw in that video, no one has to come out," Jenkins responded. "Now if you had a criminal warrant from a judge on a specific person, you can go forcibly in, but ICE cannot. They're abiding by the law. They have an administrative warrant for someone deemed deportable, and so that's what they're trying to follow up on. And so that is why they're very frustrated when lawmakers, particularly, help these illegal criminal aliens to evade being taken into custody when it could be done without all of what you just watched, and done very peacefully and very calmly."
The exchange between Jenkins and Kilmeade focuses on sanctuary cities, a topic that Fox News shows regularly discuss. The Fox & Friends hosts regularly support President Donald Trump's talking point about immigration and have depicted undocumented immigrants as a dangerous threat to society.

Although former President Barack Obama was deemed "deporter in chief" by critics for his deportation of 3 million undocumented immigrants, advisers say ICE raids during his presidency were focused on recent arrivals and individuals with serious criminal convictions. The Trump administration has authorized ICE to conduct much more sweeping arrests and expanded the agency's focus.

Fox & Friends has regularly provided the rhetorical support for Trump's policies by stoking fear of immigrants. While speaking with an ICE official in May, Kilmeade said "city councils who vote on these sanctuary city policies are accomplices to murder."

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Immigrant rights advocates and others participate in rally and demonstration at the Federal Building in lower Manhattan against the Trump administration's policy that enables federal agents to take migrant children away from their parents at the border on June 1, 2018, in New York City. Spencer Platt/Getty Images