Fox News, GOP Feeding America's Angry 'Lost Souls,' Progressive PAC Ad Says

A bombastic new video released by the progressive Super PAC MeidasTouch says Fox News and the GOP are "militant, radical preachers" for America's "lost souls."

The 90-second advertisement released Saturday warns that violent radical right-wing extremists of the past, including David Koresh and Timothy McVeigh, are now being created by the "angry advocates of division and conspiracy" seen on Fox News and among congressional Republicans. The liberal super PAC ad promoting a "#ResignRepublican" hashtag flashes images of Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Jeanine Pirro as evidence of today's "poisonous" conservative voices.

The MeidasTouch founders, the Meiselas brothers—Ben, Brett and Jordan—launched MeidasTouch as a blog in March 2020 before turning it into one of the most lucrative, yet somehow controversial, progressive voices amplifying anti-Donald Trump action. Speaking with Newsweek Saturday, the brothers said it's time—even in a non-election year—for the Democrats to go on the offensive and not wait around to lose elections at the last minute. They pushed back on comparisons to vitriolic right-wing publications like OANN, Newsmax or the Fox News hosts, noting MeidasTouch and Democrats aren't just "making s**t up," as Brett said.

The radicalization of the Republican Party is a danger to us all. We must reject it. #ResignRepublican

— (@MeidasTouch) May 1, 2021

Radical Islamic clerics or other seemingly clear enemies of the Republican Party are, the MeidasTouch ad says, preaching the same extremist rhetoric to down-and-out Americans. The video concludes with footage of the deadly January 6 U.S. Capitol riot as evidence of the claim.

"The lonely, the alienated, the sad and the angry. In every country torn by strife, violence and hardship, men and women are drawn to extremist leaders," the gruff-voiced narrator says, reminiscent of the voice-overs in the vehemently anti-Trump ads by the Lincoln Project.

"In America, some of our lost souls respond in a similar way to the call of similar voices. But instead of militant preachers or radical clerics, every single night in America, they can listen to our own angry advocates of division and conspiracy."

The MeidasTouch ad then shows several Fox News anchors and hosts talking amid chaotic video clips of pro-Trump protesters. Speaking with Newsweek Saturday, the founding brothers said they are still unsure why Democrats have not gone on the offensive to promote policies in the same way that Trump Republicans have done nastily for years.

"How is it that three brothers, who are outsiders, are out-doing something that the party and all this infrastructure, and all these millions of fundraising dollars have not been able to accomplish?" the Meiselas told Newsweek Saturday, prompted by question of why the Democratic establishment has appeared weak against Trump and his GOP allies.

The ad continues, "Confused, angry people take on the camouflage of warriors to threaten, and even kill, civilians. The radicalized Republican Party, and the twisted people on TV who speak for them, use the very same language of intolerance and rage to provoke those alienated people, actively pouring kerosene on the fire of social unrest," the ad continues.

"Until we all reject these poisonous voices, the result will ultimately be escalating violence, and tragedy. Resign from the Republican Party. Reject what they have become. #ResignRepublican," the video concludes.

"The GQP [a GOP term including the 'Q' conspiratorial members] are disgusting and despicable people, these are fascist horrible people...Donald Trump made 'liberal' a dirty word...we want to give it back...Democrats traditionally have gone with the same thing over and over again," said Ben.

The pro-Democrat group has drawn its own controversy over a perceived lack of transparency and for encouraging enraged anti-Trump citizens to "pour money into a broken campaign finance system," as Rolling Stone recently suggested. But the magazine's piece went on to compare the progressive group to those on the GOP side, noting that their fundraising actions in the wake of Citizens United are "neither illegal nor uncommon."

meidastouch GOP progressive ad
A bombastic new video released by the progressive Super PAC MeidasTouch blasts Fox News and the GOP as "militant, radical preachers" for America's "lost souls." Screenshot: MeidasTouch | YouTube