Fox News' Gutfeld Loses It Over Impeachment Ceremony: 'Like A Baptism at the Addams Family… They Had Silver Platters for the Pens!'

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld railed against the formal nature of House Democrats hand-delivering articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate Wednesday.

Trump supporter Gutfeld provided the fiery commentary on Wednesday's episode of The Five, the panel show he co-hosts on the network. He admitted to having difficulty controlling his emotions when confronted with images of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her seven impeachment trial managers making the short walk from the House to the Senate to formally deliver the articles.

"I'm trying to control myself from swearing," Gutfeld said. "That was a frickin' ceremony! You have ceremonies to award medals. You have ceremonies at weddings and funerals. This was like a baptism at the Addams Family!"

The formal procedure the drew Gutfeld's ire is known as an "engrossment ceremony," which was previously used the other two times a president has faced an impeachment trial. Gutfeld's gripes also focused on the personalized pens used by Pelosi as she signed the articles before they were walked over to the Senate.

"Did you notice they had a silver platter for the pens? Everybody got a special party favor, a little pen to take home," said an emotional Gutfeld. "We are paying for those frickin' pens and for that platter. And then you see the media taking pictures of the pens. Oh, look how special the pens are."

Gutfeld proceeded to describe the ceremony as "spackling a turd with gold paint," dismissing the impeachment as a "sham." The commentary took a further unusual turn when Gutfeld began referring to Trump as "Daddy."

"We know this was an emotional tantrum directed at Daddy, who won the election, and they're mad at Daddy," Gutfeld insisted. "So, we have to go through this phony procession. Oh, let's show pictures of the cloak room. Oh, let's watch them walk down the halls. Oh, this is breaking news. Let's repeat 25 times over and over again, until I want to blow my brains out."

Fox News The Five
The co-hosts of Fox News panel show "The Five" on an episode of the show from September 12, 2019. Left to right: Katie Pavlich, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. John Lamparski/Getty

Media personality Gutfeld then claimed that the media "hate" unspecified people who voted for Trump, characterizing the president's impeachment as punishment for Trump voters going against what he suggested were the media's wishes.

"The media controls the narrative, ok?" Gutfeld said. "They don't hate Trump. They hate you. He's a proxy for you 'cause you voted for him. They think you're a bunch of rubes 'cause you didn't listen to the media. This is their revenge."

The monologue concluded with Gutfeld urging viewers to harvest their anger, so they can unleash their rage on their opponents after Trump is reelected.

"And last but not least, you gotta store all that anger," Gutfeld advised. "And when this is over and when they lose... you gotta rub their noses in their loss 'til the day they retire!"

The ceremonial proceedings of the trial are not quite over. House managers plan to give a formal reading of the impeachment articles Thursday. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who is presiding over the trial, will formally swear in senators on the same day. The trial is expected to begin in earnest on Tuesday.