Fox News Host Blasts Trump: President Attacking John McCain, Condemning Fox News' Line-Up Distracts From Good News

Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Tuesday criticized President Donald Trump for distracting the public from his good news by repeatedly issuing attacks on the late former Sen. John McCain, Saturday Night Live and Fox News' lineup.

During a segment on Your World With Neil Cavuto, the host discussed whether the president's Twitter attacks would get in the way of his messaging and impede his chances of being elected to a second term.

"Seven months after John McCain is laid to rest, Donald Trump still can't seem to give it a rest," he said. "Forget about whether a president, any president, should be doing this. Is this one risking losing a second term if he keeps doing this?"

Cavuto started the discussion with a question: "For a president who has a lot of things going his way, is he the one who is ultimately getting in the way of himself and his party?"

The Fox News host explained that Americans "might not flip over the things that Donald Trump will say, whether he's talking about a deceased senator he clearly doesn't like, or a late night comedy show [SNL] he clearly doesn't love, or even a Fox News lineup we're told he clearly doesn't entirely embrace."

"Is the messenger getting in the way of his own message?" Cavuto reiterated.

Commenting on the president's latest attack on McCain, Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts said there were "a lot of eyebrows raised yesterday, when the president went on that tweet storm. It was 29 original tweets. Almost 50 in total over the weekend when you include retweets, a lot of them aimed at obviously the president's grievances and disagreements he has with people."

Trump's "John McCain fixation" is "in a field of its own," Cavuto noted, before turning to his panel to ask Republican strategist Lauren Claffey: "Do you get a sense though that people are used to this or the kind of language or the harsh comments the president will make… that a couple years now, we've all gotten used to it and we accept that at face value, or do you fear that it boomerangs in the November '20 elections?"

Claffey admitted that she "still fears that it boomerangs in the next election" but she also believes that "we've all become numb to the comments and the tweets and they're not nearly important as they once were."

Trump has repeatedly criticized McCain, who passed away seven months ago, throughout his presidency. This week, the president continued his criticisms of the former senator, telling reporters during an Oval Office meeting with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro that he "was never a fan of John McCain, and I never will be."

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Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Tuesday criticized President Donald Trump for distracting from his good news and messages with attacks on the late John McCain and Fox News' line-up. Fox News/Screenshot