Fox News Host Claims 'Entire Society Is Rigged' After Trump Election Lawsuits Fail

While discussing the contested results of the presidential election on Monday, Fox News host Will Cain voiced the opinion that American society seems like it is "rigged" against Republicans.

The Quote

Cain made the comments while discussing the expected objections from GOP lawmakers to the results of the Electoral College, slated to be certified by Congress on Wednesday. President-elect Joe Biden is widely expected to be formally named the next U.S. president. Many observers have noted that Republicans feel that challenging the electoral vote count could be the final attempt at keeping President Donald Trump in power.

"Whether or not an election was rigged, it certainly feels like society is rigged right now," Cain said. "From the complete squelching of dissent on college campuses inside the media institutions to being lied to about the Hunter Biden story to watching President Trump impeached, every step of the way watching President Trump undermined, his legitimacy questioned. When you deal with that with not just four years but for decades, you start to think, if not an election, an entire society is rigged against people who hold my values."

Why It Matters

Trump has repeatedly alleged that Democrats "stole" the election from him through the implementation of voter fraud. Since the race was called for Biden, Trump has refused to concede the election and filed multiple pieces of litigation in an attempt to reverse the election results. "If you count the legal votes," Trump said in November, "I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us."

society rigged against trump supporters
Society is "rigged" against Americans who support President Donald Trump, according to Monday comments by Fox News host Will Cain. Alex Wong/Getty

Some Republicans agree with Trump that he was treated unfairly during the election. Alabama Representative Mo Brooks, who is spearheading the Electoral College challenges in the House, said during a Monday interview that he expects over 100 House members to issue objections over the electoral votes. Missouri GOP Senator Josh Hawley is expected to join Republican representatives in their actions.

Opposing View

Despite repeated attempts to overturn the election results, a majority of lawsuits filed by Trump's legal team have failed with some judges stating that the lawsuits did not present enough evidence for their claims of election manipulation. A lawsuit filed in a Nevada District Court to recall the state's electors was rejected by Judge James Russell in December. Russell ruled that the evidence presented in the lawsuit had "little to no value."

Democrats believe the election was conducted fairly and that Biden was the clear winner. During floor remarks in December, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called Trump's attempts to remain in the White House "patently undemocratic."

"This is America," Schumer said. "We have elections. We have results. We make arguments based on fact and reason, not conspiracy and fantasy."

Trump's protestations may not have an effect on the election's final outcome. All 50 states have certified their election results. According to the Associated Press, Biden won 306 electoral votes to Trump's 232 electoral votes. A candidate only needs to obtain 270 electoral votes to be considered the winner of the presidential election.

Polling averages from FiveThirtyEight indicate that more than half of Americans disapprove of Trump's performance. As of January 5, 42.6 percent of Americans approve of Trump while 53.2 percent disapprove.