Fox News' Laura Ingraham on Disney Plus Racism Disclaimer: 'Where Do Christians Go To Get Their Apologies?'

Laura Ingraham, the Fox News host known for her controversial right-wing views, has drawn renewed criticism after appearing to mock a disclaimer on the new Disney+ online streaming service warning viewers about racist content in old movies.

Over 10 million people have signed up to the streaming platform since it was launched on Tuesday and many discovered that certain childhood favorites are labeled with a tag that says they contain "outdated cultural depictions."

Among the movies labeled as such are classics including Dumbo, Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp. The disclaimer is also featured on lesser-known films such as Swiss Family Robinson, the Goofy special How to Fish and Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier.

Numerous people commended the move, saying that Disney handled a sensitive subject delicately, but Ingraham and co-host Raymond Arroyo made light of the decision on Friday.

The segment on The Ingraham Angle started with Arroyo reading the new warnings that Disney placed on some movies in a mocking tone.

"What?!" Ingraham said when she discovered that one of the labels was placed on the 1941 film Dumbo. "About the elephants?"

"No, no, no," Arroyo responded. "That's a reference to the black crows. You remember they use those minstrel-y accents in the film and they smoke cigars?

"There are other warnings as well," Arroyo continued. "Beware of those Siamese cats in the Lady and the Tramp. And an Asian cat playing piano with chopsticks in The Aristocats and Tiger Lily and her daddy in Peter Pan.

"All old cultural depictions that must be apologized for," he said with a smirk across his face.

In response, Ingraham said: "I bet literally no one noticed any of this, but people are now going to be looking and saying, 'Ooh what is that armadillo look like?'"

"Here's the good news," Arroyo broke in again. "The good news is that they didn't cut these classic films.

"They're leaving them as cultural touchstones. Explain to kids why this is out of favor or why we don't talk that way anymore or this is disrespectful to a certain race or a group of people—they can do that.

"But don't mangle or cut the work. Let people see it as it was originally envisioned."

However, Ingraham looked unimpressed with Arroyo's defense of Disney. "When are they going to start worrying about the beleaguered conservative Christian class?" she said. "Where do they go to get their changes and their apologies and their warnings?"

The segment prompted a number of angry tweets from a range of Twitter users. "I'd like to know why Disney calling out the clearly racist stereotypes (yes, I saw them) is 'offensive to Christians!' maybe offensive to Laura Ingraham and HER type of 'christian,'" said one person.

I’d like to know why Disney calling out the clearly racist stereotypes (yes, I saw them) is “offensive to Christians!” Maybe offensive to Laura Ingraham and HER type of ‘christian.’

— M Murphy (@mcmurph22) November 16, 2019

How can some ppl like Ingraham be injured by someone else (Disney) trying to be nice to someone else (anyone)?

— don't yell i am trying (@KissyMc) November 16, 2019