Fox News Host Is Surprised Trump Got Booed at World Series: I Thought 'Americans Would Cheer'

In discussing President Donald Trump being booed by baseball fans at the World Series last night, Fox News host Dana Perino on Monday said she was surprised that the commander-in-chief received such thundering boos.

Trump's face dropped at Game Five of the World Series on Sunday night when the crowd at the 41,000 capacity stadium began to loudly boo him. Fans cheered as players from the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros stepped out at the National Park stadium in D.C., but the atmosphere changed with Trump appeared on the jumbotron.

The applause quickly turned into resounding boos as the president appeared on the screen beside First Lady Melania Trump and some Republicans, including Florida congressman Matt Gaetz. In addition to the booing, some fans could also be heard chanting "lock him up."

A panel on Fox News' The Five discussed the incident in a segment on Monday.

Commentator Capri Cafaro criticized the fans that booed for failing to show respect for the president. "Everybody has their First Amendment right to express themselves however they want, but I would say this, regardless of whether or not you agree with President Trump or not he is the President of the United States and this is the World Series," she said. "I may not agree with pretty much anything President Trump does, but even if I felt that way, I would refrain from booing and just be silent and that's what you should do."

Co-host Dana Perino admitted that she never expected that Trump would get booed by the crowd. "I'm proved completely naive," she said. "I was the one who thought the president should go to the game. I never thought he would get booed. I thought Americans won't do that, Americans would cheer."

Co-host Jesse Watters said he researched presidents that have previously been booed and found that "Barack Obama got booed in Baltimore and also in St. Louis at football and baseball games."

The incident on Sunday night was not the first time a U.S. president has been booed at a sporting event. Washington National fans booed former Republican President George W. Bush as he was throwing a pitch during a 2008 game and Obama drew boos making the same pitch in 2014.

Following the World Series game, the hashtag #LockHimUp rose to the top of the U.S. trending chart on Twitter, with thousands of users sharing videos, pictures and memes of Trump's appearance at the game, which ended in a 7-1 loss for the home team.

Dana Perino
Fox News host Dana Perino on Monday said she was surprised that fans at the World Series booed President Donald Trump. Fox News/Screenshot