Fox News Host Says Trump's Sons 'Stopped Doing International Business Deals' Just Before Eric Trump Tweets Scotland Deal

A Fox News host claimed that President Donald Trump's sons stopped doing business deals internationally, only to be proven wrong the following day when the president's second eldest son Eric Trump touted approval for a new Trump golf resort in Scotland.

The Five co-host Jesse Watters on Wednesday afternoon tweeted a clip of a segment of the show in which he said, "When Donald Trump became president, his sons stopped doing international business deals. When Joe Biden became vice president, his son started doing international business deals."

Watters, who is also host of Fox News' Watters World, added that 2020 Democratic front runner Biden pushed natural gas deals in Ukraine and "like a month later, his son gets this cushy gig where he's bringing home millions of dollars."

The Fox News host claimed that Biden flew his son Hunter Biden on Air Force Two and brought home billions of dollars from the Chinese national bank and "no one asks any questions."

"All the president is doing is saying maybe there's some corruption that we need to look into if we're going to give you guys an additional $400 million to defend yourselves against the Russians," Watters said, defending Donald Trump as the president prepared to face an impeachment inquiry following a whistleblower complaint.

Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, on Thursday morning showed that the president's family is not only still involved in business overseas, but seeking to expand.

"Congratulations to our extraordinary @TrumpScotlandteam!" Eric Trump tweeted. "Minutes ago, we received full & total approval for a new phase of development to include 500 homes, 50 cottages, sports center, retail & more. We also received approval to build a 2nd golf course! Very proud of them!"

Eric Trump's tweet was accompanied with a video showing off the planned new developments.

— Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) September 26, 2019

The Trump Organization, a holding company the president inherited from his father and of which he was the chairman until 2017 when he handed control to his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, was given permission by the Aberdeenshire Council to develop more homes and retail facilities on Menie Estate, where Trump International Golf Links is located. A luxury hotel plan was not approved.

The council's planning committee vouched for the housing project and stated it "would still result in development that will provide economic and social benefit to the local area and region."

Eric Trump earlier on Thursday quoted conservative talk radio show host Mark Levin, who said, "We can't touch Hunter Biden, but we can sure subpoena Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner. Here is the difference! Biden is corrupt, Donald Trump is not."

"Well said," Eric Trump tweeted. "The double standard is disgusting."

The president's son celebrated the Scotland deal on the day of the release of a declassified version of a whistleblower complaint regarding his father and lawyer Rudy Giuliani's alleged effort to get Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden for corruption.

Eric Trump Scotland Golf Fox
President Donald Trump's son Eric Trump attends the opening Trump Turnberry's new golf course the King Robert The Bruce course on June 28, 2017, in Turnberry, Scotland. Trump announced plans to expand the Trump Organization's activities in Scotland on Thursday, just one day after a Fox News host claimed that the president's sons do not make business deals abroad. Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty