Lisa Boothe Blames 'Pride Flags' for Russia's Ukraine Invasion

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe has suggested that President Joe Biden and "pride flags" are to blame for Vladimir Putin starting a war against Ukraine.

In a series of tweets, Boothe claimed that Biden's apparent diminished stature on the world stage, as well as a number of liberal actions in the U.S., such as showing support for the LGBT community, were responsible for Russia invading its neighboring country.

"I'm just glad we flew pride flags," Boothe tweeted soon after the Russian invasion began. "Has any president done more to destroy a country this quickly than Joe Biden? What a fool."

Responding to the "pride flags" comment, Lis Power, director of media intelligence at Media Matters for America, tweeted: "A f*****g war has started, innocent people will die, and Fox New contributors continue to be absolute trash human beings."

In response, Boothe wrote: "War started because the trash media and groups like yours intentionally lied about Trump. We now have a dementia patient for president who is probably asleep right now. Not a single country respects or fears him."

Rather than condemning Russian aggression, Boothe also suggested that diversity in the U.S. army, vaccine mandates for service members and other "woke BS" has somehow also resulted in war breaking out in the Ukraine as "the rest of the world senses that weakness and will exploit it."

She added: "The Pentagon was focused on purging service members who didn't want to get a vaccine that requires multiple doses and doesn't even stop transmission. I'm just glad we've been clear-eyed about priorities.

"Do you think Russia's military is diverse enough?" she added. "We have focused on the dumbest s**t as Americans over the past few years and have lost sight of everything that is important. We have completely imploded from within, which is resulting in chaos around the world."

Occupy Democrats, a popular left-wing social media account, also mocked Boothe and other conservatives for attempting to suggest that Putin's "imperial dreams of reconstituting the USSR are tied to their stupid domestic culture war obsessions."

In response, Boothe said: "These people are so mind-numbingly dense they don't understand that you capitalize on your imperial dreams when there is an opening. America is weak. No one is afraid of us with dementia man in the White House and our focus is flying pride flags around the world."

Putting the Blame on Biden

Boothe's tweets are part of a common conservative trend in recent days that attempts to blame Biden more for war breaking out in Eastern Europe than Putin.

Donald Trump has even gone so far as to praise Putin as "very smart," "savvy" and a "genius" for his actions in the run up to the Ukraine invasions, and that he decided to attack the country because of how "weak" the Biden administration has been on domestic policies such as inflation and the southern border crisis.

Fox News host Sean Hannity said that the invasion has occurred because Biden does not have a "backbone" and has not "chastised NATO allies for financing Russia by buying its oil while opposing its expansion."

Ahead of the invasion, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the reason Putin didn't launch such military attacks under Trump's presidency was not because the Russian president has changed tack, but because "American leadership changed."

"And Putin's aggression will continue so long as America is on its back foot," Pompeo added.

Fox News has been contacted for comment.

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Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe has repeatedly suggested President Joe Biden and "pride flags" are to blame for Vladimir Putin starting a war against Ukraine. Robert Alexander/Noam Galai/Getty Images