Fox News Panelist Says Mueller 'Might Have Something' and 'Things Are Starting to Seem a Little Weird'

A Fox News panelist said that Robert Mueller's investigation "might have something" on President Donald Trump or his associates and that things were "starting to seem a little weird" on Monday.

During Matt Schlapp's appearance on Outnumbered, an hour-long talk show featuring a panel of four women and one man discussing current events, co-hosts Kennedy and Harris Faulkner discussed the possibility of Mueller finding evidence.

"Matt, Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi both have a checkered past with their political involvement," Marie Harf begins. "Clearly there appears to be some communications with WikiLeaks, that's what it looks like the special counsel is looking at. What do you make of this latest development with both of those men?"

Schlapp responded by claiming that Mueller has "no case."

"He has some facts he believes that point maybe to a conclusion," he said. "But all he's doing is he is taking the dirt he's gotten on people, like Cohen, and he's squeezing them to get everything he can out of them."

"The biggest question I think that is still out there has to do with what the president knew and when he knew it," Faulkner added. "You have so many shady people where these questions are involved. It's kind of hard to know where you are. You have to wait and see what he's pieced together."

"What people want is they wanna know that if somebody did something wrong that there is transparency. The reason why Mueller's numbers are so poor in almost every poll is because it almost looks like he's playing a game," Schlapp, chairman of American Conservative Union, continued. "He's blackmailing people into saying things and doing things because they might have had a scummy part of their past."

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Fox News panelist Kennedy admitted that Robert Mueller "might have something" and that things were "starting to seem a bit weird" during "Outnumbered" on Monday. Fox News

Kennedy then interrupted and asked if she could "say something very quickly."

"There might be something there," she said. "There absolutely might be something there. We don't know what Mueller has. He might have something."

"Things are starting to seem a little weird. You know what else he might have? He might have something on the dossier and I hope he does. If they're pinning one aspect of filthy, dirty, disgusting politics cavorting with questionable Russians on one side, they have to do it on the other. But there might be something there."