Fox News Host Says His New Life Goal Is Donald Trump Signing His Bible

Fox and Friends hosts have lashed out at what they have labeled the left's elitism in the media reaction to President Donald Trump signing Bibles during a visit to Alabama on Friday.

The president traveled to the state to meet survivors of the deadly storm that hit last weekend, leaving 23 people dead, and stopped by the Providence Baptist Church, where he signed several Bibles—an act that prompted widespread criticism on social media and in news outlets.

But despite many people questioning why the president would sign Bibles, as opposed to his usual Trump-branded merchandise, Fox and Friends went to bat for Trump, slamming the media for questioning his actions.

"Unfortunately it's so telling and it is a reminder of what has happened so many times in the past where you get that elitism coming out of the left where it's mocking people of faith, it's mocking these people who just lost 23 lives in their community and went through tornadoes and it's just making a mockery out of the whole thing," said Emily Compagno. She added that commentator Michele Malkin had fact-checked and found other presidents had signed Bibles.

Trump's decision to sign Bibles appeared to go down well with the church's attendees, who applauded the president as he signed a copy of the book for a 12-year-old boy, according to local volunteer Ada Ingram, The Hill reported.

Ed Henry, also speaking on Fox and Friends, commented: "The people there actually wanted him to do it. If a citizen asks you, and you're trying to be nice, what is the president going to do to these people who have just been through this horrific tragedy and lost family members? 'I'm not going to sign your Bible?'"

Indeed, the president's Bible signing appeared to be such a hit with the Fox and Friends hosts that Pete Hegseth commented he had a new ambition—for Trump to sign his own Bible.

"Like me, do you have a new life goal? My new life goal is President Trump signs a Bible that I own," he said. "I'm going to work on that… I'm just saying, what in the world is wrong with this? Faith is so important, its central to so many people's lives. You go through a tragedy, the president of the United States is there, he signs it—good for you."