Fox News Runs Progressive Ad Declaring 'Election Was Fair, Results Accurate'

A progressive group is running an advertisement on Fox News urging viewers and President Donald Trump's supporters to "move forward" and accept President-elect Joe Biden's victory in the November presidential election.

Some Fox News viewers are upset about the advertisement which declares the "election was fair, the results accurate," and highlights Attorney General Bill Barr for respecting Biden's victory over Trump. The nonpartisan Voter Protection Program, an initiative started by the Progressive State Leaders Committee (PSLC), purchased the $850,000 ad spot which is running during commercial breaks from several programs with hosts who are still disputing the election results. The 30-second ad began airing on Fox News Friday night and immediately drew the ire of Tucker Carlson and Maria Bartiromo viewers on social media.

The Voter Protection Program told Newsweek Tuesday that Fox News is the only network channel where the PSLC has currently purchased ad time. The $850,000 ad buy is set to run through December 11th. Half-a-million of that went to Fox News and the other $350,000 was to run digitally in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin -- all states where Trump's legal team has focused their attempts to overturn the election.

"Bill Barr. President Trump's attorney general and loyal ally. America's top prosecutor and a champion of conservative values. When it comes to the November election, Bill Barr has said he "has not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome,'" the Voter Protection Program ad narrator tells viewers.

"America has spoken. The election was fair, the results accurate. Republicans and Democrats were elected to offices up and down the ballot. It's time to move forward," the ad continues, showing a video of American voters and election workers counting ballots.

The ad cites Barr's December 1 interview published by the Associated Press in which he disputed Trump's persistent and baseless claims of widespread voter fraud. The U.S. Justice Department has not found any evidence of such vote tampering despite the Trump legal team accusations. Rudy Giuliani, the president's personal attorney, pushed back against Barr's acknowledgment of Trump's election loss by telling the AP, "with all due respect to the Attorney General, there hasn't been any semblance" of an investigation into Trump's fraud complaints.

But courts and local government officials in state after state, many of whom are Republicans, have rejected the Trump legal team challenges to their vote counts. Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer responded to Barr's defense of the election results by quipping, "I guess he's the next one to be fired."

"As a trusted ally of the President and a trusted voice to his supporters, Attorney General Barr telling the truth about the 2020 election--that it was fair and accurate--matters," said Joanna Lydgate, National Director of the VPP, in a statement to Newsweek Tuesday afternoon.

Many Fox News viewers posted their anger over the network running the ads during programs with hosts who are simultaneously discussing how unfounded allegations of voter fraud handed the election to Biden.

"FOX what the hell are you doing? Tucker and Hannity reporting voter fraud- then paid for by the Progressive State Leaders Committee stating that per Bill Barr the election was accurate and fair and it's time to move forward together. Why would you allow that to be aired?" tweeted one Fox News viewer Monday evening.

"Saw an ignorant Progressive State Leaders Committee ad on my TV this morning. My TV stays on @OANN, so I was ready to chide them for taking that ad money, but I realized I was watching DVR of Maria from @FoxNews..the only thing I watch on Fox now. Sickening gaslighting," another Fox viewer tweeted after seeing the ad Sunday.

The Voter Protection Program describes itself as a nonpartisan initiative aimed at ensuring "safe, fair and secure elections." The group promotes "unique tools available to state attorneys general, governors, secretaries of state, and law enforcement officials" needed to protect and count every American vote.

"The American people elected Republicans and Democrats up and down the ballot, including a decisive judgment on the presidency, with 306 Electoral College votes for President-Elect Biden. It is long past time for President Trump to respect the will of the people so that we can move forward as a country. Our national security and public health depend on a smooth transition of power," Lydgate added to Newsweek Tuesday.

This story was updated to include a comment from Joanna Lydgate, National Director of the VPP.

progressive committee fox news advertisement
A progressive group is running an advertisement on Fox News which urges viewers and President Donald Trump's supporters to "move forward" and accept President-elect Joe Biden's victory in the November presidential election. Screenshot: PSLC | YouTube